Just a regular Jo-“who am I in the beauty world”?

Just a brief intro who I am and what my background on beauty products is… I am just a regular girl. I am not a makeup artist, far from it really. I don’t own many high end products. I have only just recently begun dabbling into the beauty world.
So why should you take my advice or consider my opinion??? Because I am a regular girl like most of you are. I use drugstore items most of the time except for very rare splurges at Sephora, for example. I am a beginner, like most of you, and I just want to share the things I have found that work for me.
Also, although there are many beauty bloggers/youtubers out there, I have yet to find one that is close in complexion/style/hair-type to my own. Especially with hair tutorials, most beauty “gurus” always straighten their hair before styling it. Why? I love my somewhere in between 2b-2c curly hair! Why must I straighten it? Also, who has time for that? Every other day, 2 hours to straighten my hair…are you insane? I have a job out in the real world and a second job when I come home (cooking, cleaning, you know…housewifering), I don’t have time nor the desire to always straighten my hair.
If some of this sounds relatable to you, I encourage you to continue reading my blog posts and feel free to comment on methods that have worked for you. Also, you will notice some use of natural products as alternatives to beauty products because I find that they work best FOR ME. I love all kinds of products, natural and otherwise, I just use what seems to have the best results for me.

Hope this info helps at least one person out there!


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