Product Review-EOS Hand cream!

First off, I’d like to start by saying how surprised I am that this product has not made it into more youtube ” favorites” or “what’s in my bag” videos. I found this little gem at my local Target a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a try since I already like Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms (yeap, thats what eos stands for) and it was only $1.99.
I picked the pink one in the scent “berry bliss”. It smells amazing if you are in to sweet, fruity like fragrances. The actual packaging of the product I thought was genius! It is thin enough to fit inside my little make up bag in my purse without creating bulk. The flip top lid closes securely so that the product isn’t accidentally getting squeezed out all over your bag contents. It absorbs quickly and leaves a nice scent behind without being greasy.
My hands are very dry and I find that this moisturizer gives enough moisture to soften my skin without leaving a sticky/greasy residue or having a heavy “lotion” smell to it. It advertises that it provides 24 hours of moisture which I cannot attest to as I wash my hands several times throughout the day and therefore, find myself needing to reapply.
The back of the packaging also has a slight bevel which makes it very comfortable to hold. One would think that you would quickly run out of product with its 1.5 oz size but you really only need about a dime sized amount to moisturize your hands. Heck, mine has managed to last a full 3-4 weeks and is still going! Overall, I think this is a great product that merits a try. Keep one in your bag, one in your car, one on your night stand, just…EVERYWHERE!







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