Product Review-Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal (Inked in Pink)

Two for One Friday is what today is turning out to be! Woo hoo! Been meaning to post this review for a while now so here we go!

The Maybelline 24 hr Color Tattoo Metal Cream Eyeshadows come in small 4g pots that actually last quite a long time. I picked up the color “55-Inked in Pink” as I wanted a nice, pretty color that I could apply quickly for those “no make up-makeup days”. I also wanted a color that I could use as a base to build up a stronger/bolder eye look.
When you first dip you finger into the pot, the cream eyeshadow feels very solid but it quickly softens up if you keep swirling your finger on top of it (this sounds really awkward so I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to say). The cream eyeshadow is shimmery and has good pigmentation. As the name implies, its does stay on for a LOOONG time! I have not gone 24 hours straight with it but I have had it on for 10 hours without needing to reapply.
I’m going to attach some pictures below and, again, I apologize on the swatch pic which has focused more on my hand than on the product itself. Also, the color is more like the one you see below. The cover picture looks more like a nude but, again, no fancy camera…Enjoy!




Have you guys used any color of this line? What do you think about them? I have not tried the Mac paint pots but, honestly, this works so well, I am not tempted to splurge on the Mac!

Have a great weekend everybody!

(All products and opinions are my own-not sponsored)


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