Product Review-Physician’s Formula Organic CC Cream

Hello everyone! Happy Memorial Friday!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to have anything to review today, but alas, I remembered taking pictures of this product and not reviewing it yet soooo…here we go:

You know those days when you don’t really want to wear make-up and then something comes up and you need to leave your house? Those are the days I just wished to have something I could apply on my face, maybe throw on some eyeliner and lip gloss and go! Only problem was, all I had was foundation and I didn’t want to wear anything that heavy plus I didn’t want to add primer and setting powder/spray on top. The solution? BB/CC cream. I spent weeks trying to find one that I liked but I had the following concerns/criteria:
I wanted something that was oil-free
Not too light/dark in color
Some sun protection

Apparently I was asking for too much as it was insanely hard to find this combination. Finally, I saw this product at Wal-mart and loved everything about it (well, what it said on the label anyway).

I have to admit, this was not an oil free formula but the ingredients were organic/natural and that, for some reason, I considered a trade-off. I could see the color through the tube so I knew that it wasn’t going to be too dark. I loves that titanium dioxide/zinc oxide were the SPF agents as I prefer them to Oxybenzone and other sketchy ingredients. As an added bonus, this CC cream was also color correcting; perfect for my small bouts of acne and residual hyper-pigmentation!

I’ve been using it for a little over a month now and I LOVE it! No weird odor, looks almost invisible on the skin, light but build-able coverage, doesn’t break me out and it makes a great base for using under my foundation if I need a very made up look for special occasions or just have a lot to cover up.
I realize I should have taken some swatches but I completely forget to take a pic every time I use it (since i’m usually in a hurry when I put this stuff on). To be honest, I also didn’t think I was going to get as many views/likes on my blog as I did for my last two posts. Thank you guys so much for that. You truly have no idea how special that made me feel : )

Anyway, check out this CC cream if you want a more natural look, especially if you will be outdoors this weekend (SPF 20 yay-yaay) and want to look put together but not have anything that is going to melt off your face. Added bonus: less than $10!

Have a great Memorial Weekend Everyone! Much love to the veterans, past and present, who protect our freedom!





Ok, so I used it today and remembered to take one pic!


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