Product Review-Paula Dorf Lip Slides!

Hello Everybody!! Happy “honey moon” Friday the 13th! (I’m referring to the full moon we will have tonight…read more here )

I came across this set while at TJ Maxx (one of my favorite stores) and it was $5.99 or $6.99, I can’t remember now. I liked the colors and thought the price was great for 3 lipglosses and decided to purchase them. I had no idea who Paula Dorf is; knew nothing about the brand and much less knew that each one of these “lipslides” retails for $22 a piece!!

Lets get on with the review. This set brings 3 different colors (as you can see above). The box they came in, which I regrettably discarded, recommended using each lipslide on its own or layering them for a different look. The pictures are in the following order: the color Bronzed, the color Petal and the color Beach (darkest to lightest).






All 3 of these glosses do go on very smoothly. They are a little bit sticky but not enough to bother me. They smell and taste of vanilla, which is quite nice to me, but may bother some people.
All 3 also give a ridiculous amount of shine even when they are layered. They are very moisturizing and, surprisingly, do stay on the lips for a longer period of time. Here is where they can be iffy for some of you…the colors are not very pigmented. In my case, my lips have some pigmentation already, so the actually colors don’t show up on my lips unless I use the Beach color. If you like to layer glosses over lipsticks or liners, these are great because they do not alter the shade of your lipstick too much but do add a great amount of shimmer and shine. Here are some swatches on the back of my hand.


As you can see, the colors are quite transparent but do offer a good amount of shine. I did find them very moisturizing and the doe foot wand allows for easy application. Here is another angle, which is more blurry, but allows you to see the color better.

20140613-181152-65512742.jpg<br /

Has anyone ever tried this product before? What are your thoughts? If you want more info from the retailer, you can click here ) *not a sponsored link*

Have a great weekend everybody!


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