Product Review- Tarte emphasEYES Brow Mousse

Welcome back to my beauty files! You might be a bit perplexed by today’s blog considering that I was very adamant in my first blog post about not using higher end products. However, I did mention that I own only a few higher end products (this being #one, my sephora primal instincts eye palette being #two and the lists kind of stops there) and this is one I actually paid full price for at Sephora after hearing so many great things about Tarte eye products.
I will begin by mentioning that I have a really hard time finding brow products because my shade or hair is quite dark and most “dark brown” products have a reddish tint to them that don’t suite me at all. The only other brow product I found that works for me and was cheaper than this one is the “European Wax Center Brow Powder” in the darkest option. The reason I am not reviewing that product instead, is because it is harder to come by and, most importantly, I gave it to my sister. She struggles with her eyebrows way more than I do so I just let her keep it after she borrowed it and loved how it looked.
This products from Tarte is a brow mousse. WTF is a brow mousse? You might be asking…totally legitimate question. It is a product that is thicker than a paste but less solid than a wax. The first of its kind that I have ever seen. It comes in a small tin with a double sided brush (angled brush on one side, spooly on the other). I decided to buy the darkest color I could find, which happened to be “rich brown”. Here are some pics:




You apply this product just as you would an eyebrow powder. The product claims to be waterproof and I have mixed feelings about that. It is waterproof to a point. Though it won’t come right off if you get caught in the rain or begin to sweat…think twice before wiping your brow because you WILL end up with it on your finger! The product does apply very smoothly and I find that it sets my eyebrows just enough where they stay in place without being hard/sticky from using a brow gel but it may not be enough to keep down really scraggly hairs for some people. The product is very pigmented and a little goes a looong way. Th picture above shows how much I have used of this small tub and I purchased it roughly 6 months ago and use it most days of the week!
I prefer this product to the pencils and powders because it blends really well into the skin. I like that it gives my brows the look of fullness without looking like I have filled them in. Actually, most people who compliment me on my eyebrows have no idea I fill them in. You guys know my swatches are not so clear but here is my attempt to show you my eyebrows before and after.








Please ignore my creasy eyelids, they are a factory defect. Lol!

I really like this brow mousse. It cost $28 but I have used it for 6 months and still have 3/4 of the tub left! It doesn’t have that reddish tint that most powders have AND I don’t have the need to set them with an eyebrow gel/wax. As an added bonus, the brush is included with the mousse.
I have also used this product to line my eyes which has worked out great since the product doesn’t run. If you like really black liner though, this won’t be dark enough for you. The brush it comes with is very good quality and blends the mousse really well. Down side for me is that the brush is full length so that causes me to hit my mirror with the opposite end of the brush ALL THE DAMN TIME! That could just be me and my lack if makeup artistry skills : )

I hope you guys found this review helpful. If you would like for info on this product you can click here
Not a sponsored link. Bought this product with my own money.

Have a great first weekend of Summer everyone!


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