Pretty Smelling Things

For me, there is nothing that compares to the ambiance created by candles. The soft lighting, the beautiful scents….(takes deep breath while eyes slowly close)…ahhh, feeling relaxed already.
Trouble with candles is that buying well known brands can run you over $30 for a candle that may last you just a week. If you burn them as much as I do anyway. I recently went on a mission to test some cheaper candles, available at the drugstore even, that would be suitable without burning a whole in my pocket ( pun not intended unless it made you laugh, in which case, I totally intended)!
Here are the candles I am currently burning, let’s start of with…

This is the Spa Waters Scent from “Patriot Candles” available at Walgreens. They usually retail for about $7-$8 but they sometimes offer sales of 3 candles for $20 or so. The Spa Waters scent is a soft, clean scent. I also like the Papaya Mango scent which is more sweet and fruity. In this picture, you can see that the candle has a “lid” on it. Yankee Candle makes these things called Illuma-lid which you place on top of the jar and its purpose is to protect the flame from being exposed to drafts. This allows for a more even burn of your candle which produces better scent and gets the most out of your wax. You can kind of see in the picture how the sides of the candle are almost completely clean of wax where the candle had already burned. I never thought of buy accessories for my candles until I saw a similar candle lid at BJs Whole Sale Club that was $7 and opted for that instead…they work fabulously as long as it fits on your candle.

Pick number 2 is the brand Candle-lite which is also available at Walgreens, CVS and Walmart. The scent I am currently using is Fresh Lavender Breeze



You can see in the pictures how the candle has melted evenly all the way down. This one I didn’t even use an Illuma-lid on. This scent is very nice and relaxing. The Lavender scent is softer than some other candles but enough that you can tell its lavender. These usually retail for $9-$10 but also go on sale where you buy more for less. This company also makes soy candles with essential oils. I highly recommended the Jasmine & Patchouli scent. I know it sounds a bit much but it isn’t.
Lastly, I couldn’t write a blog about nice candles without mentioning Bath and Body Works. However, today I will feature some of their lesser known candles, but in my opinion, the ones with the biggest scent payoff of their brand and of the candles mentioned in this blog. I present to you the Mason Jar Candles. These candles retail for $12.50, at the time of post they are 50% off so you can get these babies for $6.25. The scent I am currently burning is Lemon Drops


The design of these jars allow for an even burn (as you can see in the photo, the sides are clean of wax) and a very concentrated scent. I would highly recommend the Pear scent and, if you like stronger scented lavenders, the French Lavender Scent. Just one candles can be aromatic enough for very large spaces extending past a bedroom; don’t be fooled by their smaller size, they guys are worth it.

There you go guys, my top 3 affordable candle brands (in no particular order). Please enjoy your candles safely and responsibly. Links are not affiliate and all candles were purchased with my own money. Not a sponsored blog…but I wouldn’t mind it if it were ; )

What about you guys? What inexpensive brand of candles do you like? I would love it if you would share them with me in the comments!


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