Random Tip-Chewing Gum!

Ever go to the drug/grocery store and, while waiting in line at the checkout, you notice packs of gum on sale? Then you decide to go for it, purchase a pack, tuck it away in your handbag only to have the cardboard box it comes in completely fall apart in your handbag? Total disaster! Little paper wrapped pieces of gum littering the bottom of your bag.
At some point you decided to buy the packs that come in the hard cases (meant for your car’s cup holder) and it makes a weird bulge in your handbag?! You can’t close the zipper on it anymore and, once you consume a few pieces, the remaining pieces rattle around like a maraca in your handbag! I have a resolution that has worked quite well for me and, I hope, it will benefit some of you.
Purchase some mints like the Mentos ones that come in a more cylindrical package, or the Ice Breakers one that come in a hockey puck type packaging. You can either consume the mints, give them away or do whatever you wish to do with them as long as you hold onto the packaging. Then, simply stuff your paper wrapped gum inside the packaging! Sound a little confusing? Here are some pics to better demonstrate:

Here is the empty packaging I have chosen with the paper wrapped gum I like. Keep in mind, this will only work properly with the short sticks of gum like these by Trident or Orbit, etc.





Once you get all your sticks of gum in, you can close the top, and safely tuck it in your handbag. Here is mine inside of my inner purse pocket.


I hope I have showed you guys a useful tip. I’m planning on posting a blog on how to organize a professional handbag in the future. What are your tips? Do you have any handy purse organization tips?

Hope you guys have a great 4th of July weekend. Big thank you to all the combat veterans that fought and continue to fight for freedom. Stay safe everyone!


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