June/July Empties/Favorites-Hair, Face, Food and more!

I apologize for not being consistent with my posts. Friday evenings are my usual available times to post but lately it has been creeping into Saturdays as well. At any rate, I hope those of you who read and follow my blog don’t mind too much.

I have purchased some new items but I have not given them enough use to make a proper review, so I decided I would do an “empties/favorites” post instead with some of the products I have previously reviewed as well as comments on whether or not I would repurchase. There are a couple of products I haven’t posted reviews on yet, but if you guys are particularly interested, just leave a comment, and I will do my best to get a review up for you. Lets get this post on a roll!!

Face Stuff


Neutragena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser- Truth be told, I have repurchased this product 3 times already. I have combination skin and its hard to find a face wash that does a good job of cleansing without stripping my face and drying it out. In addition, I find that my face breaks out less when I use a limited amount of products and keep the ingredients simple. This face wash has ingredients my face really enjoys!



Target’s Up and Up brand Oil Free Cleansing Towelettes- Most people don’t realize the importance of removing your makeup BEFORE you wash your face. It sounds redundant but pores have a knack for holding on to stuff that doesn’t belong there. These wipes did an amazing job even removing eye makeup. I still prefer using coconut oil but sometimes i’m just too lazy to take out a cotton round and put coconut oil on it so I just reached for these babies and they did a great job. Only “con” about this product is that the closing tab didn’t really close all that well so, by the time I had 5 wipes left, they were beginning to dry out. I would repurchase if I could find it with an actual lid instead of the resealing tab.

Hair Stuff





Tigi Bead Head Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner- First off, I’d like to point out that I purchased these humongous sized bottles at TJ Maxx for $14.99 a piece when they usually retail for $28.99 a piece. I always wanted to try this brand and I thought this was a great opportunity. “Pros” about this combo are that it smells great, the huge size allows you to not need to purchase anymore shampoo/conditioner for a while and that my hair did feel really soft while I was using them. “Cons” would be that it didn’t really do miracles for my hair (in terms of frizziness especially), and for a retail price of $28.99 a bottle I think it should, and that once you reach to the lower portion of your bottles, the pumps no longer work so you have to squeeze out by hand or try to find screw tops instead. These are too pricey to waist any amount of product.
I would consider trying the 3rd level of this “urban antidotes” line since these are level 2 and they did make my hair soft but I feel I could use more moisture. That is, of course, if I could find them at a sale price. Otherwise, no repurchasing here.




Paul Mitchell’s Quick Slip- I absolutely love this product! As mentioned in my review post, this is the only product that I can truly apply, by itself, to style my hair. Perfect for busy mornings when my hair has just been washed. I would definitely repurchase this product. Running out of it has allowed me to try some new products, which I’ll review later, but this is still the headliner when it comes to easy styling of my fresh-washed hair.

Food Stuff

Here is where this post becomes more of a “favorites” than an “empties”…


Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Sea salt Popcorn- In my opinion, the BEST bagged popcorn ever! Not too much salt, simple ingredients and incredibly addictive. Would I repurchase?? Already have, about 4 times!


Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Nantucket cookies- Need I really explain this deliciousness? Yes, they are pricey for 8 cookies when you can buy a pack of oreos for the same price; but these are just so decadent and delicious. Also working on the Pepperidge Farm Chesapeake cookies which are similar but with pecans as well…my mouth is watering!!

Stuff to Watch

If you have Netflix, and you haven’t seen it yet…


Watch all the seasons (for a mature audiences only). This show is incredibly well written with an amazing cast and great story line from beginning to end. I know I was late on the bandwagon but better late than never.

There you have it fellow bloggers and blog readers!! I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend. Let me know what your favorite products, so far, have been this month. Take care!


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