Product Review- ELF Mini on the go Palette

Happy Friday everyone!

This morning I was a bit sad when I thought “oh no, I don’t have a beauty item to blog about today??” and then I remembered this little gem, that I happen to use on almost a daily basis. It had become such a part of my routine, I had completely forgotten about it…shame on me!
Before we get started, let me begin by saying that this is a very well loved item that I use A LOT! You will see powder and finger marks and other rather unsightly smudges from its use, but it is reality. I USE this product and I was not about to rush to clean it up when I was already tight on time this morning, Lol!
Without further adieu, I present to you: E.L.F’s 22 piece Mini On The Go Palette!


This miniature palette, which is about the size of an iphone 5, is divided into 3 sections. The top section contains a rather large mirror and 10 eyeshadows with small sponge brush. The middle section contains 5 lip shades with a smaller brush applicator. The last sections contains 3 cheek blushers with a small applicator brush and a mini mascara.





As you can see, there is a great variety of shades with all the items. You can create many looks with the options they provide. Beginning with the eyeshadows, some of these are more pigmented than others but all of the shades look great with an eyeshadow primer. The darker colors have greater pigmentation though, without the need for a primer. I like that this mini palette has some matte shades and the rest are a bit shimmery but not super frosted where they would look inappropriate for daytime or hooded eyes. Here is a closer look:


Next, we have the lip glosses. These are quite pigmented for being lip glosses. They go on super smoothly and have a semi matte finish that is also moisturizing and not too sticky. The brush they included here, I prefer not to use as it is quite small and thin. Also, the last color on the right, makes a great “nude” color, at least for me. It is about a shade darker than my natural color but no one can really tell. I guess I should say its more of a “natural” tone. Would look really good on women of color too as a “nude/natural” color.

Lastly, we have the blushes. These are 3 basic shades, from left to right, a very pale pink (I like to use this one as a highlighter), a more rosy colored one and a peachy colored one. None of these are super shimmery so they look good anytime of day. I have not used the brush that comes with it for fear that it will apply too streaky as it is quite small. Oh! Lest I forget, The mini mascara! I like this mascara. I don’t LOVE it, but it gets the job done, applies well, and the shorter handle allows for an easier application, at least to me.


All and all, a really nifty, and handy item that is easy to travel with and very versatile. Really, if you just pack your powder/foundation, the right brushes and a liquid eyeliner/lipliner, this is all you need! I am very pleased with this purchase and the best part is…….it is only $10! I purchased mine as part of a bundle but you can get it here (not a sponsored link) directly from E.L.F.
I will apologize for the bad lighting as it has affected the way some of the colors show up on here, but please visit the website for a more accurate depiction.

That’s it for me tonight (began this blog before 8pm and just now finishing after midnight!). I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. Do you have any all-in-one palettes, like this, that you love? Please let me know in the comments. Take Care!


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