LUSH- My like/hate relationship

Hello everyone and thank you for joining me once again on this lovely Friday! I hope you are all well. Today’s post is a little more of a rant instead of my usual product reviews. Have any of you visited a LUSH store lately? Have you purchased any products? If so, what were your thoughts? I am really struggling with this brand and I’ll tell you why. If you have read my very first blog post, you know that I am not a fan of reviewing high end products because I believe that the majority cannot typically afford an arsenal of high end products. Sure, a nice eye shadow palette or maybe an awesome hair treatment but not that every beauty product we own is high end. I certainly can’t afford them all the time and it gets a little disheartening when your favorite bloggers/youtubers only talk about this high end stuff.
That being said, I do enjoy quality products and I believe in paying for quality. I, however, do not believe in paying for a brand “name” and not getting good quality in return. LUSH is one of those stores that you hear a lot about being a a good brand with quality products. I, however, have been slightly disappointed with this brand. You might notice that the subject to this post says “like/hate” because I have not been able to LOVE this brand although I kind of want to.
I do like that the brand does not test products on animals (super kudos) and that they offer vegan products. I like that they are “fresh, handmade” products. I like that you can pretty much test all the products before buying them. I also like that the staff is usually very friendly and informative.
Here is where things get a little iffy for me: The products do not necessarily contain organic ingredients, which I think is a little misleading to the consumer. I do not like that they contain parabens (for more info on parabens click HERE ) which i think is also misleading to the consumer. I just cannot fathom paying the price they ask for and not get, at least, mostly organic and paraben-free formulas.
Here is a snapshot of one of their product’s ingredients


I really want to love this brand, but I simply feel mislead by it. Maybe its a problem of perception. I just feel like they want to fool the public by using strategic decor and carefully chosen product language but not backing up their “appeal” in the actual products. Yes, they may work and yes they may smell great, if you enjoy those kinds of scents; but don’t play into their marketing, or any other company’s for that matter, without researching their ingredients first.
The worst part is, they have other products that, although they don’t have organic ingredients, they don’t contain preservatives. Yes it will go bad quickly, but at least you are getting something that is a little better quality on your skin. If they can do that, why can’t they commit to finding better alternatives to preserve their products??
What are your thoughts on this? Are you bothered that they charge so much money for less then amazing ingredients? Do you just enjoy their products and not care for the source?
Clue me in! Help me understand!
Have a great weekend everyone!


6 thoughts on “LUSH- My like/hate relationship

  1. i totally agree!! i definitely avoid parabens whenever possible, so the fact that they are found in lush products – which present themselves as handmade and artisanal – is very misleading and disappointing

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