Favorite drugstore makeup

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by today. I made a super late post (was meant for last Friday but actually went up on Wednesday) that you can check out in addition to today’s. Would like to link it here but you can just scroll down if you are interested! The post was about being a fabulous but on a budget bridesmaid and discussed outfit details and accessories. Today’s post relates to the makeup I am tinkering around with hoping to find a suitable look for the wedding.
I was very tempted to splurge a bit, go to Sephora, and have the staff educate me on high end foundation, concealer, primer, etc. One look at the prices for just foundation and my thoughts completely turned to “I could purchase all the makeup I need for the wedding at the drugstore for the price of just one high end foundation”!
If you have seen my Bed Bath and Beyond haul, you know that I purchased some primer, cream eyeshadow and new brushes. Here is what else I have added to my makeup collection.



Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation Stick-Yes, yes, I know. I am so late to the “Fit Me” train and I am just now realizing I don’t have a pic of the actual color I bought. I’m still playing around with this foundation in terms of different applications (fingers, beauty blender, stippling brush, etc) and I haven’t quite decided which I like best. So far, though, I can say that it has the best “anti-shine/oil-control” out of any foundation I have ever used and it has really decent coverage.



Maybelline Cover Stick in White- packaged like a lipstick, this concealer is white in color so I thought it would triple as a highlighter/eyeshadow base and concealer. It applies very smoothly and blends well but doesn’t cover as much as I’d like despite its color.

Concealer #2


Covergirl Fresh Complexion- UGH! Also forgot to photograph this one! (This picture is taken from realstylenetwork dot com) I actually have owned this concealer for some time and like it better for the under eye area but I find that it does not provide all that much coverage of hyper pigmentation or some acne for me :-/

I have the Sephora Primal Instincts Eye Shadow palette and was thinking of using those colors. I was tinkering around with my ELF mini palette and came up with this look:


But I feel that this look doesn’t have enough umph to it. Then again, I did not use an eyeshadow base, had no eyeliner or mascara on-this was just playing around with the shadows themselves. Maybe if I did all those things, it would make the eyeshadow pop a bit more. You can probably tell that my application techniques are not top notch, but as I mentioned, I was just playing around with the colors. I plan to heavily review my favorite youtuber’s techniques before wedding day!

Those are the items I have so far. I know I did not include a great deal of information but this was not a review post. Its more of “this is what I have and I NEED your help” post! Still thinking about whether I should try other products or not. I would prefer a more full coverage foundation and still have not decided on the lip color either. What do you guys suggest? What are your favorite drugstore makeup items and which do you think I should try/use for the day of the wedding (please read my previous post to see the dress color, details, etc.) which do you find last longer?
Thanks in advance for all your help! Have an amazing weekend everybody!


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