Acne Face Mask-Bentonite Clay

Howdy Everybody! Happy Friday!

I hope all of you have had a great week. Today, I want to share with you guys a face mask that I use to help control oil and, therefore, help with acne. It is very important to note that I DO NOT recommend using this face mask on the days just prior to a special event (weddings, proms, birthdays, etc). This is a Bentonite Clay Mask that helps to pull toxins out of your face. The downside is, if you have a pimple/spot developing under your skin, it WILL bring it to the surface. You want to allow 7-10 days prior to an event so that, just in case anything comes out on your face, you can treat it before the big day.
That being said, lets get started! You will need:
1- A Fan Brush or small spatula to mix and apply your mask (I have also used a plastic spoon in the past)
2- A container to mix your mask (make sure it is not metal so it doesn’t react with the clay)
3- Either water or apple cider vinegar to mix in with the mask. I used my DIY skin toner (2 parts ACV to 1 part water).
4- Bentonite Clay, of course. I bought mine at Vitamin Shoppe but you can get it online. A little goes a long way so it is worth the money and it is rather inexpensive anyway!

Lets begin:
Step 1- Cleanse the face. Remove all your makeup and make sure you are starting with a clean surface. Here, I am using the Berkley and Jensen face wipes I have mentioned in previous posts.
Step 2- Take a small amount of the clay and place in your container. The amount shown here was all that I used on my face.

Step 3- Add the liquid of your choice. I used my DIY face toner but I had to open the bottle to pour it. Trust me, spraying liquid onto a powder will make it go everywhere! You want to use just a small amount of liquid, equal or less to the amount of powder you used. You want a nice, thick mask but one that you can easily spread.

Step 4- Apply your mask.

Step 5- Wait for your mask to dry. This can take about 10min and you can leave it on as long as your skin can take it. As it dries, it will begin to pull on your skin, so if you have sensitive skin, wash off afer 10min. If not, try 15min at first and then 20 min on your next use.
While you wait, make funny faces:


Step 6- Remove your mask with warm water and a soft cloth. Your skin may be a bit red (especially if your are fair skinned) but this redness will go away in less than an hour (for the most part). I find that the redness is more prominent when I use straight ACV to mix the mask instead of water or a mixture of the two.

Step 7- Treat your acne. I apply Tea Tree oil directly on the spots/pimples that I might have.

That’s pretty much it! I recommend you do this mask on a day that you are not planning on wearing makeup to give your skin a chance to “breathe”. If you have combination skin, you can do a moisturizing mask on the next day.
This mask really helps with controlling oil production and helps to tighten and reduce the appearance of pores. The jar claims you can use the clay for other purposes (like as a poultice for pain, etc) but I have not tried using it for those purposes.
Give it a try and let me know what you think!
Have a great weekend everyone!

*All products and opinions are my own; not a sponsored post*


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