Current Favorite Body Lotions

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Thought I would throw in a bonus post today since I was not able to post last Friday.

I’m not much of a girly-girl but I absolutely love covering myself in lotion after a nice shower. My skin has a tendency towards dryness so I figured, if I must moisturize, might as well use something that smells delightful as well. Here are the deliciously scented creams/lotions I have in my current rotation (in no particular order).


Victoria’s Secret Endless Love. This is a very fresh/fruity/apple/pear scented body lotion. It isn’t super thick but provides just enough hydration with a nice scent.


Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion. This body lotion has a similar consistency to the Endless Love but is slightly more easily absorbed. Just as the name implies, it has a coconut-ty fragrance that is reminiscent of the summer. I find that this scent stays on my skin all day long! Lovely!


Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom. If I had a signature scent, this would definitely be it. I always request this scent for birthdays, Christmas, etc. I always keep multiple bottles of this scent in the lotion, body mist and shower gel. If you frequent B&BW, you will notice that this is a much older packaging. There is another Cherry Blossom scent that they offer; take note of this as it is not the same as the Japanese Cherry Blossom!


Bath and Body Works Plumeria. If you are truly a B&BW fan, you will recall this scent from many years ago. This scent had been discontinued and I had to hunt online to purchase this tube. Smells as the name implies…Plumeria flower. Passion Parties is the only company that I know of that carried Plumeria scented body lotions and scrubs (also discontinued now) that smelled even stronger of Plumeria. Speaking of Passion Parties, that brings me to my next choice:


Passion Parties Pomegranate Ginger. Currently I am using their Toning Body Butter even though this scent comes in a Body Whip as well. This scent smells very fresh and fruity but only slightly like pomegranate and nothing at all like ginger! Lol! At least, not to my little nose. This body butter is very thick and very moisturizing so a little goes a long way. Can’t say I have noticed that it has toned or not but I haven’t been using it exclusively for enough time. If you are interested, I have 10% OFF of your Passion Parties order of $50 or more with the code BIRTHDAY10 until October 31st, only through THIS LINK (must be 18+ to order, yes, I do earn a small commission).

Last on my list (but certainly not least):


Victoria’s Secret Pink Fresh & Clean. I Was under the impression that Bath and Body Works was producing this scent for VS but I found no evidence of it on the packaging. This smells exactly as it says, fresh and clean, as if you had just stepped out of the shower! Its a thick cream that can moisturize both your arms and legs with one pump (well, at least mine, but I’m pretty petite). There are several scents in this line of products but this is my favorite. It is so simple and also lasts the whole day even though it is a very soft scent.

That’s it lovely people. Let me know what your favorite scented body lotion/cream is in the comments, i’m always on the hunt to try new scents. Have a great rest of your week!

*All opinions are my own. All products purchased with my own money. Not a sponsored post*


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