Conair Urban Reflect Cosmetic Mirror

Happy Friday Everybody! I hope everyone has had a great week.

Ever watch all the beauty gurus on youtube and covet their beautiful vanity areas? They always have a really nice area designated to makeup application and storage. Since I live in the real world, where the space to designate an area solely for that purpose, does not exist, I decided I would make the best of the space I had. Being as I wear glasses, applying makeup super close to my “bathroom” mirror gets really difficult sometimes. I use quotations on that word because my bathroom is actually divided like a hotel room where the toilet and tub are separate from the sink.
My solution to the problem was getting a lighted cosmetic mirror that I could store away when not in use. After shopping around several stores, the options available where either stationary cosmetic mirrors with one magnified side or a plethora of lighted mirrors with ridiculous magnifications, almost as ridiculous as their price tags ($120 to over $200!). The stationary mirrors did not offer the lighting that I wanted nor the ability to store it away when not in use (like the retractable kind in hotel bathrooms).
Alas, I took a chance and went to Ulta and found this baby:


This cosmetic mirror has a regular side and a 3x magnification side (which is good enough for me because the stronger magnifications give me headaches). It has a base that folds out when you want to use your mirror and folds away to be used as a hanger or just to make it more compact for storage.


It has the lighting around the mirror that I wanted AND it costs $15! This is exactly what I wanted. A simple, straightforward design with an on/off button and retractable base. Here are some more pictures of how it looks on my sink area (please ignore the messy background :] ) and my general makeup station-yeah, that’s what I’m calling it- A Makeup Station!





I know it isn’t fancy, but it is a REAL setup that most of us can use. I hope this gives you guys some ideas on how you can re-work your space to make it more comfortable for you. Makeup application is so much easier and enjoyable when you have a setup that works for you.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


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