Product Review- TIGI Urban Anti-dotes Resurrection Shampoo/Conditoner


I don’t know about you guys, but the weather has been so lovely, and starting to get all festive, and that has me even more excited for the weekends so I can cozy up in my fuzzy PJs and sip hot, pumpkin spice flavored drinks! The downside to this cooler weather is the dryness that tends to accompany it.
If you have read my previous posts, you know that I was trying out the Pantene Sleek and Smooth. Turns out, I used it about 4 times before I could no longer bare it and decided to get something more moisturizing for my hair. I definitely felt the drying properties in the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (an ingredient I had sworn off years ago and was completely reminded of why). That’s when I spotted the TIGI Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner Set (large 26oz bottle) at BJs Wholesale for $22.99.
(These are pics of the regular sized bottles, the pic on the title shows the actual size-photo credit: and

I had used their Level 2 product of the Urban Anti-dotes line called “Recovery”, which I had liked but didn’t love. As far as TIGI goes, here is what they claim about their shampoo:


Here is what they claim about the conditioner:


My thoughts:
The shampoo provides a really nice amount of lather and does provide a nice cleanse without drying the hair. I even feel that my hair starts to detangle with the shampoo. When I rinse the shampoo, I feel that my hair is softened without feeling “coated”.

The conditioner has a nice thickness to it that really penetrates the hair. I like to comb and detangle my hair with the conditioner on and this conditioner provides a good amount of “slip” where, doing so, is easier. When I rinse my hair, I feel that it rinses clean without leaving my hair feeling coated or too heavy.

Once my hair dries, I notice the biggest difference with my ends. Although I have physics-defying frizz on the crown and frontal sections of my head/hair (I like to call it my “halo”), I refrain from saturating that area with conditioner as my scalp is quite oily on it’s own. Therefore, I can’t really say it works wonders on my frizz as I have not applied enough in that area to really give it a chance. On my ends, however, total night-and-day difference, especially in comparison to the Pantene.
I have not trimmed my ends since April (I know, I know), and they have been holding up really well until I used the Pantene. Then, they started to look really dried and frayed like an old broomstick. I was hoping that the Resurrection would be able to restore the lost moisture to my hair, and I was not disappointed! This shampoo and conditioner work really well for me. They smell like nothing I have smelled before almond/cherry-ish with a hint of citronella; very perfume-y. Some people may not like that about the product but I like the way it smells and I like for my hair to be shampoo-scented until my next wash (which is every other day) and this product does that for me. I find that my hair is more moisturized without feeling too heavy or weighing down my 2b-2c curls. I, however, do not recommend the conditioner for fine, limp hair. I think this would definitely weigh that hair type down, however, you could probably use the shampoo, without a problem, and maybe just use a light conditioner if you still feel you need one. As for heat treated or colored hair, I cannot say that these products protects against heat damage as I rarely heat style my hair, and I use a thermal protectant when I do, and I do not dye my hair. I can imagine, however, that this formula would be safe for color treated hair as I don’t find that it strips my hair at all. I do find that my hair is more moisturized and a bit more shiny. I have also noticed slightly less breakage when I detangle my hair. For me, this is a winner!

What hair products are you guys loving? I really wanted to try Ouidad but they are so pricey and I couldn’t find any sample sizes. Have you guys tried it? Tell me what you think in the comments!
Have a safe weekend everyone!

*Not a sponsored post. All products and opinions are my own*


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