Primer Showdown- L’oreal Miracle Blur vs NYX Shine Killer

Happy Friday Everyone!

Lets jump right into this showdown! Disclaimer: the pictures are not the best (nothing new) but I hope you can see what I’m talking about.

First, lets breakdown each product.

L’oreal Miracle Blur
This primer has often been called a dupe for Benefit’s Porefessional because of it’s blurring effect on the skin. Here is what I think:
Pro: this primer does, in fact, “blur” the appearance of pores on the face. It also makes makeup application very smooth as it feels like it glides over this primer.
Con: because this primer has a very slippery feel to it, it is great for makeup application over top, but feels very greasy on the skin (if you want to go for a no makeup day but still want the pores blurred). I also find that my oily areas will be shiny after about 4 hours, with or without makeup over top.

NYX Shine Killer
This oil free primer’s claim is that it helps control oil so that your makeup look is nice and matte.
Here are my thoughts:
Pros: this primer definitely helps mattify the skin and does not leave a slippery/greasy feeling on the face. Though I do get shiny after several hours, it definitely outperforms the Miracle Blur in that respect.
Cons: does not have the pore blurring effects of the Miracle Blur.

NYX on the Left hand side (my right cheek), nothing on the opposite cheek.


Miracle Blur on the right (my left cheek) and NYX on the left (my right cheek) with No MakeUp!


Same as above but after I applied CC Cream all over my face.


This is a TIE for me. It just depends on whether or not I want to wear makeup that day. If I don’t want to wear makeup but don’t want to show all the flaws on my skin (pores, capillaries, etc), I will use the Miracle Blur and just dust some translucent powder (usually ELF’s Mineral Blemish Powder) and be good to go. That way, I eliminate the greasy feeling and some shine without having to actually use makeup.
If I am wearing makeup, I opt for the Shine Killer because it’s mattifying effects are superior and I don’t really need the pores “blurred” because I will be using makeup over top.
Occasionally, when I can’t makeup my mind, or want the best of both, I use the Shine Killer on my oily areas and the Miracle Blur everywhere else! I simply cannot pick one over the over, they are like having 2 kids and you love them both for different reasons but can’t have a favorite!

I hope you guys got some good info on this post. If you are on BlogLovin, the pictures may not download so please check out the original post on

Have a great weekend! What’s your favorite primer?

*all products and opinions are my own*


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