Product Review-Milani Color Statement LipLiner

Happy Hump Day!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving (if you are in the US). Today, I have a quick product review on the Milani Color Statement Lipliner in the color 03 Nude. I have actually had this lipliner for a couple of months but really wanted to give it use to see if the actual pencil holds up with sharpening, etc.
I chose the color Nude because I wanted something that was close to my own lip color without being that beige-nude that makes me look ill. This particular shade is actually about one shade darker than my own lip color but still very close. Here is what it looks like:


Here is what it looks like on my lips (lined and filled)

Yes! It is on in this pic.

The lipliner claims to be long wearing and easy gliding. I can attest to these claims. This lipliner lasts for several hours and has a very creamy consistency even though it is a pencil. It literally glides on your lips without pulling or feeling dry. If you fill your lips in, and rub them together, it feels just like a lipstick, incredibly creamy! I have sharpened it several times and the point is remarkably sturdy as long as you don’t over sharpen. Today, I had just sharpened it before I took the pictures and was able to apply it without the tip breaking off.

In case you are wondering why I chose such a natural color, I like to keep my lips simple during the work day as I don’t always have time to re-apply and don’t want to have that faded look where your lip line has rubbed off around your cupid’s bow but the corners of your mouth still have color. I also don’t like a very bold lip color if I have done up my eyes too dramatically. Also, if I have a lipstick that I want to make last longer but don’t have the matching lipliner, I find that this lipliner helps retain some color from the lipstick.

That’s it for today guys. I hope you are all having a great week thus far. Hopefully, I’ll see you again on Friday. Take care!

*All products and opinions are my own. Not a sponsored post*


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