E.L.F. Jumbo Lip Gloss & Milani Lipliner

Hello and Happy Friday!!

If you have read my last post, you know that I became a fan of the Milani Color Statement Lipliners. When I purchased the 03 Nude, I also purchased the 07 Burgundy so that I would have a darker shade that shows up more on my lips. I wanted to share this color with you guys as I feel that it is a bit more autumnal without being a dark berry or plum color. Here are some swatches:


Here is what it looks like on my lips


This shade works just as lovely as the Nude, really smooth and creamy as well as long lasting. Sometimes, I find that darker lipliners can be drier than lighter ones from the same company.

I found myself just applying clear gloss over this lipliner because I really liked the color and, especially, liked how it looked with one of the lip glosses from the E.L.F. mini palette. Problem is, I am running out of that color and was trying to purchase it separately (in a tube and not in another palette) but E.L.F. does not list it’s name on the packaging or on the website.
That being said, the hunt was on! I was trying to find a suitable substitute when I stumbled upon E.L.F.’s Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks at Target. Being only $2 I decided to give the color “Sangria Starters” a try, and I was really pleased with it. Here are some pics and swatches:




Here is what it looks like, on my lips, over the 07 Burgundy lip liner:


I am sorry for the bad lighting in all of these pics (as usual). I was trying to take these pics quickly as I was leaving for work today (some of these were even taken in my car…not while driving, no worries 😉 ).
I have to say, I really, really like this Jumbo lip gloss stick. It is moisturizing without being sticky and has a small amount of peppermint so you feel a slight tingle without feeling like your lips are on fire! I really like how these two look together as they are rather similar in color and last for several hours. I know that it does not look so colorful in the pictures and is still, really, only 2-3 shades darker than my natural lip color, but I like the way it looks especially if I have done up my eyes want to keep the lips looking pretty but simple.
The pigment on this Jumbo lip gloss stick is very good. Even though it is somewhat sheer, it applies very evenly. Wish I could say the same about the Burt Bee’s lip crayon that I posted in a haul a couple of months back. It was moisturizing and pigmented but applied very streaky…and we don’t do streaky around here!

That’s it for today everyone. Leave me a comment with your favorite lip product at the moment. I hope you are all having a very happy Friday and wish you all a happy and safe weekend!

*All products and opinions are my own. Not a sponsored post*


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