Victoria’s Secret NAKEDS Palette

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Holidays…Whatever it is you celebrate, I hope the season is treating you well.

So, I was in the midst of putting together several blog posts with reviews on the E.L.F items I recently purchased. During this process, I was given the Victoria’s Secret NAKEDS eye palette and really wanted to get this up in case you guys were considering purchasing this palette with your holiday money.

Let get started by showing you what this palette looks like.




The Palette comes complete with mirror, instructions, 9 different eyeshadows, brush and primer.

First, I tried swatching the different colors on my fingers without primer. Here is what they look like from left to right on the palette.




Not very impressive, I know. In all fairness, the lighting doesn’t allow for much of a difference to be seen between the colors (the brown crease color shows up as black).

I decided there was no other option but to actually apply the eyeshadows.
I did so by trying to use everything in the palette exclusively (no other brushes or primers). Here are my thoughts.

The instructions on the palette, and general layout, are pretty straightforward and easy to understand even if you are new to eye makeup (which, I am).


The primer has a doe-foot wand and goes on really smoothly. It is easy to blend and velvety in texture.

The brush provided is completely useless, in my opinion. It isn’t flat enough to apply color evenly and would work best for highlighting under the brow, at best.

The shadows themselves are, surprisingly, pretty damn nice! Using my own brushes, I was able to apply all the shadows with minimal fall out. The crease colors are especially pigmented and the lid colors are more sheer but still show up as a nice, soft, wash of color. The highlighting colors do just that, highlight with just the right amount of shimmer.
Here is a look I created with the middle 3 colors:


My apologies, again, for the lighting (and my lack of proper blending). You can see that it is a very soft look but still looks nice. I was very impressed by how smoothly the colors went on and at their blend-ability. I wore this look for a full day and didn’t have any creasing or fading. I even smudged a bit of the crease color on my lower lashline and it stayed put all day even though I was out shopping and trying on clothes (picture that moment when you pull over a shirt or dress and all the makeup gets all over it). Overall, I was really happy with it and disappointed that it doesn’t show up on these pics the way it looks in real life.
I have been trying to look up the price of this palette and saw that it was discontinued in stores but still available from different sources online for very affordable prices ($10-$20).
This has definitely opened my eyes (hehe get it?!) to Victoria’s Secret makeup and will definitely consider them, in the future, when I need to make a makeup purchase.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this review. I wish you all a happy and safe New Year and a very awesome 2015. Let me know what your favorite eyeshadow palette is in the comments whether it is drug store or high end.

*All opinions are my own. Palette was gifted by a friend. Not a sponsored post*


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