E.L.F. “Coffee” Review (eyeliner and jumbo eyeshadow stick)

Happy Friday to you all!

As you guys know, I purchased some items from ELF before Christmas that I wanted to use throughout the holidays to give you guys a better review.

Today, I am reviewing the ELF Brightening Eye Pencil in ” Coffee”
Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in “Turkish Coffee”

Lets begin:

First the eyeliner. You all may recall this swatch:

The eyeliner broke as I swatched it!!!!
Regardless, the eyeliner had a lovely swatch:


Unfortunately, this eyeliner did not show up well on my eyes.

I know the quality of this pic is not the greatest, but here it is on my lower lash-line. I know that brown eyeliners give a much softer look compared to black, but this looks totally different on my lash-line than it did on the back of my hand when I swatched it.
Really disappointed by this. I even drew a line on my eyebrow area to test the color again, and it showed up just like it did on my hand! On my lash-line, however, no go! Not even with primer. *Sigh*

Moving on
The Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in “Turkish Coffee”


Here is the swatch with the eyeliner right above it:


I had better slightly better luck with this eyeshadow stick. It is very creamy and glides in the eyelid easily. It is just as pigmented when it is applied to the lid as it was with the swatch.
The down sides (yes, with and “s”) is that the color sheers out a lot when you blend it. Take a look at this pic, this was just blended with my finger, you can see the edges are not cleaned up:


You can see the color has sheered somewhat compared to the swatch. Nonetheless, a nice neutral tone, so I decided to carry on getting ready that day. 5 minutes had not passed, and the eyeshadow was creasing like crazy! I know I have “creasy” eyelids to begin with (you can see the lines in that last pic), but I had never had anything crease so quickly on my lids before. I tried to blend it out again and set it with a powder, and it improved, but still remained quite creased.
I attempted to use this eyeshadow again but with primer underneath and setting it right away with a powder. Though it was better, it still creased, and within a couple of hours after application *ugh* ! Why are you doing this to me ELF???

Overall, I really think that the eyeliner situation has something to do with my lash-line just being “special”. I have to try and ask someone to try it out their eyes and see of the color shows up on them before I can definitely say that I don’t recommend this product.

As far as the eyeshadow goes, I really like this color and how easy it is to apply. However, I know I can only wear it for shorter occasions like a dinner/lunch date and not for work because of my unwillingness to touch it up after a couple of hours. Using primer is no big deal, and neither is setting the eyeshadow, but that creasing…OMG!

That’s it for today ladies and gents. Have any of you tried any of these items? What was your experience? I’d love to know!

Have a happy and safe weekend. I wish you all an amazing 2015.

*All products and opinions are my own. Not a sponsored post*


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