For the Guys: Nair for Men Hair Remover Body Cream

Yes, you clicked on the right post! I know this is not my usual type of post but this is really meant for the man in your life. Ladies, do you have a brother/friend/boyfriend/husband that is always asking for help removing body hair they can’t reach?
Now, I’m not particularly into the type of guy that likes to be more hairless than me, but I see nothing wrong with a little manscaping either. My hubby is always trying to keep his neck line/”t-shirt” line free of hair in between barbershop visits, but shaving the hair only gives him 2-3 days before its time to shave again. Being that he isn’t a crazy contortionist, he obviously needs some help cleaning up that area.
One day we were at Bed Bath and Beyond and spotted this:


The label claims that this cream can be applied 1 minute before entering the shower, and not to exceed 10 minutes of application time, and that hair will wash off.


I just applied it to my hubbies t-shirt/neck line (that area where the t-shirt collar ends on the back of the neck) and waited about 5 minutes. We removed it with a warm wash cloth. I was amazed!
First off, this doesn’t smell anywhere near as bad as the Nair for women! It still has that depilatory cream scent but much more reduced. Secondly, the hairs were coming off so easily and in such little time. Thirdly, EVERYTHING was coming off evenly (I did take extra care to apply it as thick and evenly as possible). No weird patches! Fourthly, it did not irritate his skin at all! Lastly, the results last for weeks. I didn’t think this would be much better than shaving, but in my hubby’s case, it totally was.

We used it a second time, this past week, that was slightly less successful, although I will take the blame for not applying it as carefully. Regardless, it still removed a large part of his body hair with very few patches. The best part? All you have to do is help your guy apply. By the time you are done, he can just hop in the shower and wash the cream (and hair) off with a washcloth. Super easy and super fast.

Here are some before and afters, although not very good lighting.





Mind you, the “after” shot is extremely zoomed in so you can still see some of the fine hairs that didn’t come off. In real life, his skin was left pretty hair free and smooth. No irritation or bumps either!

I’m sure that every guy’s skin is different and that this may not work for everybody; but it is definitely worth a shot. Besides, it is less than $10 a bottle plus you can save 20% by using Bed, Bath and Beyond’s coupons. I have not tried it on myself but I’m sure it would work just as awesome as my hair is easier to remove.

Have you ladies found any good products for your guys? Have you personally tried this Nair product? Leave me a comment!

I hope you all have a happy and safe weekend!

*All products and opinions are my own. Not a sponsored post*


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