Quick & Simple Way to Disinfect & Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Hello every one! I hope you are all enjoying SuperBowl Sunday. Honestly, I spent mine doing house chores and trying to get content for this blog post. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out so I had to whip up something quick to post for this weekend so I wouldn’t leave you guys without a post!

I’m going to show you guys how I clean my makeup brushes. This method is really handy for when you need to use the same brush for different colors or purposes (powder to blush or dark eyeshadow to lighter eyeshadow, etc). It is especially useful for smaller brushes as they dry quicker.

Here is what you’ll need

– 99% Rubbing Alcohol (yes, 99%)
– Small Deep Container (I use an empty baby food jar)
– A small, clean towel or washcloth (that you don’t mind getting stained)
– Dirty Makeup Brushes =P


Step 1. Pour enough of the alcohol to submerge you makeup brush without reaching the ferrule (the base where your makeup brush fibers/hairs attach to the brush).


Step 2. Swirl your dirty makeup brush in the alcohol. You will notice the alcohol changing color as it removes the product buildup.



Step 3. When you notice your brush has lost most of the product build up; Gently squeeze the excess alcohol off the brush (be careful not to pull on the fibers, you just want to squeeze it).


Step 4. Swirl your brush on a small washcloth or towel. You will notice any remaining makeup will come off unto your towel. In addition, this helps to dry your brush.



Voilà! You now have a clean and disinfected brush!


There are a couple of benefits to this method. For starters, being that it is 99% alcohol, your brushes are actually being DISINFECTED instead of just “cleaned”. This is super important for acne prone skin. This method is also much quicker to do as it does not require lathering and rinsing. Also, because we are using alcohol instead of water, your brushes dry A LOT QUICKER! My ELF Stipple Brush (pictured above) dried in less than 2 hours. My smaller eyeshadow brushes (pictured below) dried IN MINUTES!


My fluffier Complexion Brush from EcoTools (pictured in profile) took about 3.5 hours. No more waiting 24 hours or overnight. If you are concerned about the alcohol drying out your brushes, or otherwise damaging them, I actually learned this method from Makeup Artist Wayne Goss (he has an amazing makeup channel on YouTube!). This is the method he uses to clean and sanitize the brushes he uses on his clients and claims not to have noticed any ill effects on any of the brushes he uses. I have used this method for about 2 months now (cleaning my brushes every week, sometimes every two weeks…bad Jocey!) and have not noticed any negative effects on my brushes either. I would still suggest you use a conditioning cleanser (I made my own by mixing a little olive oil, baby shampoo, water and 70% rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle), every so often if you are concerned about the 99% alcohol. However, this is still a great method when you need your brushes cleaned ASAP and don’t want to wait till the next day or you don’t have replacement brushes.
The only downside is that 99% alcohol is usually only available at medical supply stores or online. I ordered mine from Amazon. I spent about $12 and got 2 bottles; I am only half way through the first one in two months of use. I’m not sure if this will work with 70% or 91% rubbing alcohol but I’m pretty sure it won’t disinfect the same nor dry as quickly.

What do you guys think? Have you used this method before? Give it a try and let me know how it works out. I’ll try to make another attempt at what should have been my blog post (sugaring) and hopefully get that up for you guys next weekend.

Have a great week and an awesome February!

*Not a sponsored post. All products and opinions are my own*


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