Product Review: Dove Hair Therapy Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo

Happy Friday Peeps!

As some of you know, I recently won a Giveaway from Polished By Amy and I am super excited to try and review some of the products! Thanks Amy! If you don’t follow her yet, please go check out her blog, she is beautiful, sweet and just all around awesome!

But for today, I’m going to review something I have used for a few months now.


I don’t really use a lot of dry shampoo as my hair is naturally wavy/curly and I wear it naturally, so no blow drying straight or flat ironing. I also wash my hair every other day, however, every once in a while, I try to stretch it out an extra day and use a dry shampoo.

The instructions on this dry shampoo are pretty standard:


So I just quickly part my hair vertically and horizontally, spray in the dry shampoo and massage with my fingers.

*This dry shampoo smells nice
* This does a pretty good job of absorbing excess oils
* Inexpensive and easy to find

* This dry shampoo sprays white and is pretty difficult to actually brush out of your hair.


(Perfect streaks for a bride of Frankenstein costume)

I rarely use dry shampoo so I don’t fuss too much about the white streaks, however, IF I AM USING dry shampoo, I probably don’t have the time to wash my hair, much less to sit there for ages brushing out the gunk!

Final Verdict

If you have blonde hair, I would say to give this product a shot. Especially if you like the Tresemme one as this one works similarly but slightly better at absorbing oil (in my opinion).
If you have dark hair, and you don’t mind spending the time brushing out your hair, then this dry shampoo would be good. The bottle also states that its a “Volume” dry shampoo and I can say that I do notice a bit more volume when I use it.

That’s pretty much it! I really want to try a darker colored dry shampoo at some point, can you guys recommend any? I have heard of people just using raw, organic cocoa powder as a dark, dry shampoo but I’m just worried I’m going to get cocoa powder all over my bathroom followed by an ant infestation (Ewwww!) and I don’t have time to step in the shower to apply it and then rinse the fallout down the drain. What do you guys think? Leave me a comment!

Have a great weekend Peeps!

*All products and opinions are my own. Not a sponsored post*


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Dove Hair Therapy Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo

  1. I love this product. I have blonde hair, so I don’t have to worry about white streaks. I also have curly hair and like you I only use dry shampoo to get more days between washes. I get a lot of volume from this product, not to mention absorbing all of the oil. Great post!

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