DIY Natural Deodorant

Hello my peeps! Thanks for joining me again this week. I hope you have all had a wonderful week, thus far, and are getting ready to enjoy the weekend.

A little background on today’s post: I haven’t used commercially sold deodorant in almost a decade! I heard about a connection between aluminum in the body and links to cancer and mental disease…being that mental disease runs in my family, I freaked out and tossed out my deodorant right then and there.
Over the years, I have tinkered with different alternatives to d.o. including baking soda, baby powder, milk of magnesia, and store bought “natural deodorants ( Toms, crystal d.o., etc). My conclusion was that, either, I am one smelly lady, or none of this stuff works, because by the end of the day, the smell on this little 5 foot frame compared to that of a stinky water buffalo! Talking about it now is kind of funny, but it was more embarrassing always being worried about whether I smelled or not or even having family members telling me they could smell me…and not in a good way. Obviously, there are many things that contribute to the odor your underarms produce. The biggest misconception, however, is that sweat causes the smell. I got news for you guys, bacteria is the culprit!
Think about it, your forehead may sweat or your back and abdomen, but those places don’t produce odor when you do. Your underarms, however, are like a portal to a complex system in your body that helps regulate many functions, and thus, creates more bacteria, which in turn, produce odor. BAM! Mini science lessons there!
Eventually, I turned to the internet to find something that really works. The following recipe is what I have ended up concocting after reading several different recipes. I have been using it for over a year now and will continue to make this recipe, probably as long as I live. It is cheap to make, easy to use, natural, and one batch lasts about 3 months! Do keep in mind that this is a deodorant not an anti-perspirant even though some ingredients help absorb or control sweating a little bit, the aim of this d.o. is to allow the body to do its work without smelling like a pig in poop. Its the aluminum that makes d.o. anti-perspiring and the ingredient we are avoiding in the first place.

On to the recipe


You will need:
•3 Tablespoons of Baking Soda
•3 Tablespoons of Corn Starch
•3 Tablespoons of Organic, Unrefined Coconut Oil (solidified)
•20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
•20 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
• 5 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
• Mason Jar or other storage container

• Mix the Baking soda, Corn Starch and Coconut Oil together, directly in your mason jar or container of choice. Stir until well combined. Coconut oil may be melted to facilitate the mixing just make sure your 6 tablespoons are measured when the oil is in a more solid state (pop in the fridge for a minutes if need be).
Your mixture should look like this:

(Yes, I used a chopstick to stir 🙂 )

•Add the essential oils. Obviously, feel free to leave out any you may be allergic to. Otherwise, try and use all 3 for maximum odor control


•Mix well to evenly distribute the oils.

Your mixture should look kind of like a loose poultice (somewhere between a liquid and a solid but not quite a cream…you’ll see).


•If you mixed your ingredients in your storage container, pop a lid on that sucker…you are done! Otherwise, go ahead and transfer to your container of choice.

If you live in a colder area (most of the U.S. right now) you can even keep this deodorant in a bar soap container.


How to Apply:

With a clean finger, just scoop out a small amount and smooth all over your underarms. If it is cooler than 72°F where you keep your container, your mixture will remain solid, however it will begin to soften as soon as you touch it or apply it. This is a pic I took this morning when I went to apply it. Even this amount was more than needed for one underarm!


If you wish to avoid Corn Starch, I have read that Arrowroot powder may be used as a substitute but I have never tried it myself.

Most recipes will say that the essential oils are optional; not for me! As stated earlier, I find all 3 oils necessary for maximum deodorizing properties. All 3 of them are antiseptic, which means that they kill the bacteria that produce odor. You may adjust the quantities if you would prefer more of one scent than another but try to use at least 5 drops of all 3 essential oils.

In addition to the essential oils, unrefined coconut oil is also anti-bacterial. Baking soda is a great absorbent as well as a deodorizer and corn starch also helps absorb. This will help with minor sweating but will not keep you from sweating all together.

Because of the mildly abrasive nature of the baking soda, you may experience some irritation when you first use this d.o. especially on freshly shaven underarms. If so, just add a thin layer of coconut oil on the underarm first and then apply this mixture. After a few months, my skin adapted and I no longer needed to do this.

One of the many benefits of using this d.o., because the ingredients are natural and as organic as you can get them, your underarms are allowed to breath, this means that any dark discoloration you may have in that area, may reduce or even completely disappear!

If you are worried about oil stains on your clothes, this mixture as never stained any of my shirts, nor left any unsightly residue, not even on white t-shirts.

I can just go on and on about this homemade natural deodorant! I just love how effective and safe it is. I have used this at the gym and during zumba class and it has worked.
Feel free to leave me any questions or comments below.
Have a happy and safe weekend!

*Not a sponsored post. All items were purchased with my own money*


I forgot to mention that when temperatures rise above 72°, your mixture may separate a little. The coconut oil melts and rises to the top while the baking soda and cornstarch sinks. May look like this:

No worries, just swirl your finger (or a plastic spatula if you prefer) in the mixture to make sure you pick up some of the baking soda as well as the oil. Apply as you normally would. This deodorant is fairly translucent so it will not leave white residue on your underarms unless you have used too much.

Have a great weekend everyone!


10 thoughts on “DIY Natural Deodorant

    1. Hi Julia! Thank you for reading. I usually tag my beauty posts with “beauty” but I didn’t consider the DIY Deodorant post as beauty. Thanks for your feedback though and thanks for letting me know you can see my posts 🙂

      1. Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t encourage anyone to miscategorize, but I feel hygiene is a part of beauty and it all winds up in the same huge category. You’re welcome 🙂

    1. You can omit it. Lavendar and Eucalyptus are both antibacterial which helps with body odor. You can also use Rosemary or Oregano Oil, those are awesome antibacterial oils as well! Let me know how you like. Do be careful spreading this on as it is mildly abrasive from the baking soda. I suggest patting it on fresh shaved underarms or using as few swipes as possible, don’t go crazy rubbing this in.

      1. I will have to try to pick up some Lavender, and Rosemary Oils this weekend, since I have everything else. Thanks so much! ❤
        Yeah, the baking soda sometimes burns" my skin a little in some of the natural deodorants – I've had it happen to various degrees with different ones.

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