Spring Break Beach Essentials

Hello my beautiful peeps! Some of you may be looking at the title of the post thinking that I have lost my mind. While most of the country is still defrosting, it has been in the 80°’s in my neck of the woods for a couple of weeks now. Though the water is still too cold (and full of jellyfish) for my taste, my hubby and I had a small getaway recently in which it was nice to just lay out under an umbrella, smelling the ocean and enjoying the breeze. 

     I wanted to share with you guys what I always keep in my beach/pool bag and what my beach essentials are. Hopefully this will get some of you excited for Spring Break which is just around the corner!

In the pic, from Left-Right:

First Row: Goggles & Sun glasses laying on top of a beach towel

Second Row: 2 different sunscreens and bugspray

Third Row: Hair conditioner, Beach wrap, flip-flops

All laying atop a cute beach matt

Lets go in order. First thing is first, find yourself a cute beach bag that holds everything you need. Though a beach matt is not necessary for some, I don’t like using the same towel I am supposed to dry off with as the sand will stick to it once it is wet and creates a mess. Here are my beach bag and my beach matt. 

Beach matt from Target. Beach bag I have had too many years to remember. 

   Starting from the top, I have a nice beach towel that is large enough to wrap me up! I hate coming out of the water and feeling cold as the wind blows. It might be 90° outside, but that breeze on my wet hair and body just gets me all goose-pimply! On top of the  beach towel, there are a nice pair of goggles. I use glasses to see, but they serve no purpose in the water, so I need a good pair of goggles to help me see under water. Next, I have a pair of sunglasses. Besides being stylish, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is very important. Any pair of cheapo’s can be stylish but you need proper sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

   On the second row, I have 2 different options of sunscreen (natural and organic) and organic bugspray. You can do your own research into why organic sunscreens are beneficial over regular sunscreens. I prefer the Alba brand as SPF 30 works well for me. My husband has more fair skin so I buy the Banana Boat Natural Reflect for Kids in SPF 50 (why is it just for kids?!) for him. The bugspray is more for the pool area as the ocean breeze at the beach drives away most mosquitoes.

   On the third row, I have a jar of conditioner. You can use any conditioner you like, I just prefer a jar because it doesn’t open easily while inside my beach bag. My hair gets very dry with pool/sea water so I slather conditioner on after a dip. It also keeps my hair from frizzing. Next to the conditioner, I have a beach wrap in its handy pouch. Mine can be worn a couple of ways:


As a wrap dress, or


As a sarong. 

My mom bought this for me at a pop-up shop in Miami. I found a similar one Here but you can easily make this by attaching two loops on two corners of a rectangular piece of fabric (search pintrest for “beach wraps”). I like having some sort of cover up so I don’t get my clothes wet if I want to go to the snack bar and don’t want to go without covering up a little bit. The last item is a pair of flip flops. Any color, any style, as long as they are comfortable (tip: make sure you keep them in the shade or they can get ridiculously hot under the sun). 

Some other essentials not pictured above:


A hat/cap to protect your face (and scalp, yes…scalp) from getting too much sun. You may think you look silly but channel your inner JLo with her floppy hat! 


Chapstick with SPF. Lips are usually forgotten when we slather ourselves with sunscreen. Make sure you protect your pucker too.



A hair clip or hair tie. Though I don’t recommend hair clips for going in the water (the metallic spring will rust), sometimes you just need to pick up your hair when it is hot!  

You may notice that the towel, matt and bag are brightly colored. Besides being cute, they serve to identify your “area” when you go off into the water and forget where your stuff is. You can just look for your bright beach bag/matt/umbrella and find your spot much easier than if you just laid out a drab towel with your flip flops. 

I don’t consider magazines or music all that “essential” because I always have company at the beach/pool and conversation (and people watching) are all the entertainment I need 🙂 A bottle of water is always good; I freeze a half filled bottle over night, add cold water to fill it before I leave and take that with me. Keeps colder longer without having to wait for it to defrost to take a sip. 

Hope you guys are feeling a little warmer after reading this post. Let me know what your must have beach/pool essentials are in the comments. Have a great Spring Break!

*Not a sponsored post. All items and opinions are my own*


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