My Failed Attempt At Halawa (Sugar Wax)!

Happy Saturday peeps!

I’m sure you guys have noticed, by now, that I like to dabble in a little DIY especially when it comes to natural beauty/personal items. I have already posted how I make my own hair gel Here and my own deodorant Here but today’s post is about my fail when trying to make my own Sugar Wax.

  An acquaintance of mine had mentioned it to me when I told her I liked to make my own personal care items to avoid bad chemicals, parabens, etc. She asked if I had ever made my own wax. Being that she is Egyptian, she told me how great it was and easy to make. I went nuts looking for tutorials online and gave it a go a couple months back.

 The wax is made of sugar, water, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. It is supposed to be very sticky and used without strips, just spread over the area and pulled off. Part of the process of making this wax is like making toffee; you need to cook the sugar properly and then kneed it to the right consistancy. 

My first attempt, I undercooked my sugar and the mixture was too runny. On my second attempt, everything was going to plan until I started kneeding it and added too much water to my hands (to help cool the wax and prevent it from sticking to my hands while kneeding). Before I knew it, the wax was melting in between my fingers! Also, I think I might have slightly OVERCOOKED this batch. 

In the end, no hair removal was done but it was a learning experience and I am hoping my 3rd attempt will be perfect. They say a candy thermometer helps so I’m going to pick one up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it right and share that post with you all. 

In the meantime, here are some pics of my fails. 

my first attempt
my second attempt


kneeding the wax


looking good so far


too much water…goopy mess!!


What it should look like:


Photo credit:

  I’ll give this another shot and hopefully it will work out perfectly. Remember not to take life too seriously; and that includes your blogs. Just because your pictures aren’t perfect or your DIY didn’t turn out how you expected…that doesn’t mean you won’t have something to blog about. Besides, maybe, readers can see where we went wrong and give us the feedback we need to correct our mistakes.

Have a great weekend everyone! 


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