Product Review: Bandelettes Inner Thigh Guard

Hello beautiful peeps! Hope the week has treated you well.

  I thought I was late to the “Bandelettes” bandwagon but the more I mentioned them to people, the more I realized a lot of people still did not know what they were. As the name implies, Bandelettes are bands of slip resistant anti-chaffing fabric that you slip over the parts of your thighs that rub against each other. Imagine compression shorts but just the legs. 

I decided to try these because the weather is already up in the 90°s over here and,  I would love to wear more maxi dresses and sun dresses, but never found them all that “cool” to wear since I always had to put on compression shorts/spanx to keep my thighs from chaffing. Totally defeats the purpose of feeling light and airy in a dress if you have very unbreathable fabric under your clothes!

   I ordered two sets to try out, the beige unisex bands and the caramel lace bands. Both were on sale at the time and I paid about $16 for the beige unisex and $11 for the caramel lace ones. They retail for $19.99 a set so I thought it was worth trying. The lace ones look like the top of thigh highs (super sexy 😉 ) and they offer a variety of colors in either style. 

Beige Unisex Band


Caramel Lace band

They offer 6 different sizes and have non slip silicone strips, on the top and bottom of each band, that goes around the entire inner circumference of each band.

I have not tried the lace ones yet but have used the Unisex bands twice for several hours at a time. 


*They do exactly what they are supposed to.They stay put and prevent chaffing without making you feel super squoshed in a compression garment. 

*Look smooth under clothing.

*Can be used to prevent chaffing in any circumstance like under dresses or under running shorts, since they just look like the legs on compression shorts. The lace bands can also be used as lingerie without having to use a garter belt (although, you work your lingerie game however you see fit).

*Available in several colors and sizes. My thighs measure 24″, I bought a size B and they fit great. If you are in between sizes, you should size down as they stretch to accomodate and it is better to have a snugger fit as a loser fit will just create bunching/slipping and defeat the purpose of these bands.

*Approximately 6″ wide so they cover a good area of skin that can rub together.


* If you are wearing a very clingy fabric, you will be able to see the seams on these Bandelettes. Not too obvious if you have super toned legs but I do not so that is not the case for me.

* Because they are 6″ wide, they are too long for short dresses/skirts. I did try to fold over the top part to shorten them some and that did work for a while but needs occasional adjustment if you are walking/moving around a lot.

Something to Consider

*This is going to sound kind of TMI and maybe a little gross, but whats the point of a blog if you can’t be honest??? You have to be REALLY careful when you use the bathroom in these because if your stream is “out of alignment” you might get these wet accidentally. You could just slide them down and then reposition them when you are done. Not really fair to say this is a con as the design of the product simply can’t do anything about this. 

Final Verdict

I love these! I totally recommend these to all my thick thigh ladies and gentlemen out there (yes, gentlemen). 


Product pacaging showing the placement of the bands.

 Interested? They are having a Mother’s Day sale where you can get 15% Off until May 12th 2015 with the Code LoveMOM

Check them out at HERE

These bands really helped expand my  wardrobe as I can just slip these on and wear my dresses without dying of heat or giving myself a heat rash with shorts or compression garments. If you have thick thighs, and live in a hot climate region, you know exactly what I am talking about!

Have you tried these yet? What did you think? Have a beautiful weekend you gorgeous person, you! 

*All products and opinions are my own. Not a sponsored post*
UPDATE: 06/24/2015

Use code: Independence

To save 15% on your order! Valid until 07/05/2015 


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