For the Boys: Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit!

I know you are probably looking at this blog post and wondering if you have clicked/tapped on the wrong post or if I have lost my mind. Today’s post is geared towards the special bearded man (or men) in our lives. Being that growing a beard has become a trend, I find that guys tend to go one of two ways: either they like to keep their beard nice and groomed (and even start stealing your hair products) or they are beard purists and won’t do anything to it except watch it grow. 

I’m lucky enough that my husband is a happy medium in between the two. He keeps his beard nice and groomed but doesn’t go as far as to blow dry it/flat iron it. In his quest to find good beard products, he found his favorite items so far, in an unlikely location…Target!

I present to you: Billy Jealousy’s Beard Envy Set

As you can see, the set comes with a beard wash, a beard cream and a brush for just $19.99.

The Beard Wash

This wash is sulfate-free and contains aloe and other conditioners that help to detangle and soften the beard hairs. Even though this comes in a 3oz bottle, you only need this much:

Which gives you this much lather:

My husband will occasionally leave it on for a couple of minutes before he washes it off to aid in the cleansing and detangling process.

The Beard Cream

Once he rinses his beard and blots it dry with a towel. Then he will brush it throughly with the boar bristle brush, from top to bottom, to smooth the hair and get the strands to all go in one direction (as much as possible).

Then he applies this much of the cream:

And this is the final look:

Keep in mind that it had been about a month since his last trim when I took this pic so none of the lines around his beard are cleaned up. 

As odd as this sounds, his beard is actually soft and “fluffier” when he uses this wash. He has tried using conditioner on his beard and it has done nothing for him. When it came to adding some product, beard balms/waxes were to heavy for his beard but beard oils where to light and did not provide any hold. This beard cream gives him just enough hold without being stiff or sticky. As an added bonus, he runs whatever is left of the beard cream on his hands, through his hair, and that is enough to style his head hair as well.

Really good stuff with quality ingredients. Even Ulta is carrying it now! It would be a great gift for that special bearded guy in your life. If by any chance, you have a beard purist in your life, this is a nice nudge to get them to look a bit more groomed without feeling less manly!

Here are my husband’s before and after.

Before washing and styling

After washing and styling

The pictures don’t do these products justice but the change in the texture of his beard is something you can “feel” more so than you can “see”.
I hope you guys don’t mind these types of posts but I like to write about products that would be good for men as well because we all have a boyfriend, husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin or friend that are hard to shop for and I think we should share those ideas too.

Odd post for a Mother’s Day…I know!

Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to the fabulous moms out there!

*Not a sponsored post. Products where purchased by the hubs*


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