Product Review: Burt’s Bees’ Brightening Eye Treatment

Happy Weekend everyone!

Ever since I bought the Burt’s Bees Brightening Eye Treatment, I couldn’t wait to try it and test it for you guys. I was diligent and commited to testing this product and really finding out if it worked. I was looking for an eye cream that was not expensive, cruelty free and had less chemicals. I found it in Publix for $9.99 and couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was for the quality of the ingredients. There are so many drugstore eyecreams that go into the $20 range and have so many ingredients I can’t even pronounce, in addition to that, not cruelty free!  

This eye treatment claims to:

“Visibly diminish the apperance of dark spots” and “reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles” *after 8 weeks of use*

I had noticed that I was developing some very small fine lines under my eyes but was more concerned by the redness under my eyes. Most people complain about dark circles but I realized that I had more of red/purplish discoloration under mine. 

I used this cream twice a day for the past 8 weeks. It comes pacakged in 0.5oz tube, which I thought would not last me the full 8 weeks, but actually contains more than enough product. I have finished the 8 weeks and still have plenty of product left! 


The cream is off white in color and a bit thin in consistency but it absorbs well into the skin without leaving any residue.

  I applied this treatment cream in the mornings, under my makeup, and at night before bed.

Here are my results. The following pics are completely uneditted except for the text indicating the week number. 


I know its a bit hard to tell by these photos but I think you can definitely see a difference between week 1 and week 8. Week 3 looks the worst and I recall having a really bad night the morning of that picture. 

In real life, I have really seen a difference to the point of not using concealer anymore; just cc cream. 

To be completely honest, I was religious about applying this product twice a day during the first week of use but now I am super devoted to finishing the tube and seeing even better results. As for the fine lines, I really haven’t noticed that much of a difference and this is not a super moisturizing cream. In terms of the under eye discoloration though, I am super happy with the results so far. 

For the price of this eye treatment, I would totally recommend it to anyone. It is easy to use, did not irritate my eyes or my skin, does not have a weird smell and is available in just about every drugstore. 

On a side note, I also discovered that I have Milia on my under eye area. Milia are small, white bumps that form due to keratin being trapped under the skin. I have ordered some samples from Paula’s Choice (Resist BH 9, Resist Triple Action Dark Spot Eraser and Resist Intensive Repair Cream) that were recommended on their website for the treatment of Milia as well as dark spots and dry skin around the eyes. I look forward to testing out those products, which I have heard so much about) and letting you beautiful people know how it goes 🙂

Have a great week ahead!

*All products and opinions are my own. Not a sponsored post* 

Burt Bees can sponsor my posts anytime, though!! 


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      1. Not really unless you count the body shop . Most people here aren’t interested in Drugstore brands, so most companies don’t bring their brands here.

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