Shower Routine: Hair Washing Day!

Its been a long time since I have done a “routine” post so I thought I would share this one with you. Most of the items I use, you have already seen, there are a few new items I will review in the near future.

Lets jump right in!

Step 1

Soak my hair. I have quite a bit of hair so I take this time to start lathering up my body. Currently I am using Bath and Body Works’ Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel. I wash everything but my back (you’ll see why in a little bit). 

 Step 2.

Shampoo my scalp. I have 2b-2c curly hair so my scalp tends to get oily while my hair tends to get dry. I focus the lather on my scalp to remove build-up and then just use some of that lather to lightly run it through my hair. I don’t rub the ends of my hair to make more lather as the friction can cause breakage, frizz and excess dryness. Currently I am using Alaffia’s Everyday Coconut Shampoo. I lather, rinse, repeaaattt (Phoebe from Friends voice). 

Step 3.

Condition my hair. I like to detangle my hair while it is saturated in conditioner. Currently, I am using Dove’s Absolute Quench Intense Restoration Hair Mask. I know its not meant as a daily conditioner but my hair can use all the moisture it can get, plus, I really wanted to try a Dove hair product (besides the dry shampoo I have previously reviewed). I saturate my hair (not my scalp) in the conditioner, detangle with a comb, and then clip it up and let it sit in my hair. While my hair is sitting with conditioner, I move on to the next step.

Step 4. 

Exfoliate. Any area that is in need of exfoliating (dry areas, areas prone to ingrown hairs from waxing, etc). I use the Equate Almond Scrub for the face, and areas prone to ingrowns, and Softsoap’s Coconut Scrub or BBW’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Golden Sugar Scrub on the body (elbows/knees, etc). 



Step 5. 

Wash the Nether Regions. We are all friends here, right? Using regular soap on the delicate skin of our va-jay-jays and surrounding areas, can be very irritating. This is more so if you live in an area with hard water. A good pH balanced cleanser can help soothe that area and is much gentler on your skin than regular soap. I use Summer’s Eve Aloe Love Cleansing Wash, which is apparently, exclusive to Target. Funny story: one day while I was taking a shower, I accidentally grabbed this instead of face wash and I was so perplexed by how nice my “face wash” smelled before I realized I was washing my face with vajayjay wash! Lol! Not the worst thing that can happen, at least it is pH balanced right?!

Step 6.

Rinse conditioner. Once my hair is free of conditioner, I clip it back up and proceed with the last step.

Step 7.

Wash my back and face. I save these two areas for last as they are the most prone to acne, for me. I don’t want to leave any residue from the conditioner on these areas so I use my shower gel on my back and my Neutragena Naturals Facial Wash on my face. Once I rinse everything off, my shower is complete. 

I do want to make a special mention to probably, what is the most important item in my shower: My Shower Filter! My Nutritionist/Acupuncturist/Friend had suggested that I try one to help eliminate excess chlorine that can be very drying to the skin and hair. I had never heard of a shower filter before then. I did some research and found that many hair stylists/colorists have recommended them to their clients because the reduction in chlorine helped keep the integrity of their chemically treated hair (hair dye, keratin, etc). Makes sense, right? You are always told to avoid the pool for color treated hair. 

I bought this one at Home Depot for $19. I believe the brand is called Sprite and this particular filter is universal for all shower heads. You can also find the shower heads with the filter already in them but filters need to be replaced every 6 months or so. I would rather replace the filter and not the whole shower head. 

I can honestly say that this has been a great investment. You can feel the difference in your skin and hair but also if you open your eyes under the water…it no longer stings! Out of all the items that I have mentioned, if you only try one, try the shower filter!

 My whole, hair washing process takes a good 20 minutes, for me, but I enjoy my showers and hair washing days. Its my time to relax and enjoy my bath products. I wash my hair every other day and try to shave on the days I don’t have to wash my hair so as to not take any more time. Although, if I’m not in a rush, I’ll go ahead and shave (making the entire process about 25-30minutes and causing my hot water to run out!). I use Passion Parties Soft and Silky Shaving Cream:

I used to be a consultant so I have plenty of their products left over from my inventory. If you are 18 years and older, I highly recommend their bath and body products. They have really good ingredients, smell really, really good and most are paraben free! 

Phew! That was a long process! Round of applause for those of you still reading! If you guys would like me to insert more links of the products I mention in my posts, let me know in the comments. I just feel that most of what I use is pretty easy to find and that you guys don’t really need those links. Also, let me know if you’d like me to link to past posts where I discuss those products in more detail. What are your favorite bath products? I’d love to hear about them!

Have a safe and fun Memorial weekend!

*Not a sponsored post. All opinions and products are my own (some were gifts from family and friends but not from PR companies)*


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