My Favorite “Small” Youtubers

I think most of us beauty/lifestyle bloggers also spend a fair amount of time watching beauty/lifestyle youtubers. I for one, spend a lot of time on YouTube. I love watching Zoella, Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart, Mimi Ikon (their respective boyfriends/husbands), etc. However, there are quite a few smaller youtubers that I love to watch and don’t have anywhere near the mulitmillion + subscribers, but their content is totally worthy of so many more. I thought I’d put together a list and spread the word. I hope you guys check them out and subscribe to help them in their youtube goals. Some of these channels have as much as 500,000 subscribers, which is still a lot, but I think they deserve more. 

Enough blabbing, lets get to it.

I highly recommend the following:

Himani Wright

Himani does a lot of natural beauty DIYs and shares many tips and tricks. Her latest video is about the sugar wax I totally failed at a few posts ago! Maybe now, with the help of her video, I can get it right!

Fab Lunch        

Olga shows us how to make vegan and healthy meals, snacks and desserts! 

Miss Remi Ashton

Remi has a larger channel but I think she deserves more subscribers. She is a beauty and lifestyle youtuber but I absolutely love her DIYs (home decor, snacks, organization, etc).

Look From Nature

Great tips and ideas for natural beauty. She keeps her videos really short and sweet too.

Yagala S

Really beautiful nail art tutorials for manis and pedis. 

French Guy Cooking

Alex is a part of the Food Tube channel (by Jaime Oliver) but this is his own channel and I love it! He shows us how to prepare yummy dishes in their traditional fashion as well as with his own unique twist. Really relatable too, he doesn’t use any fancy kitchen items that you can’t find in your own home.

Bargain Princess

This girl does just as her channel’s name implies; beauty reviews and tutorials for a girl on a budget! She throws in some high end items here and there but focuses on the bargains! 

I Am Vanessa E 

Vanessa shows us natural DIYs and general lifestyle topics like “life with braces”. Very down to earth and relatable! 

The Annamated Life

Anna is an amazig blogger here on wordpress and she creates videos with great workouts for different parts of the body. She even has a video working out with her son. Truly inspirational. Check out her blog and YouTube if you haven’t already. 

Polished by Amy

Amy, who also has an amazing blog here on wordpress, does beautiful nail art tutorials, product reviews, beauty and lifestyle vlogs. She is very active on her channel and is very informative with nail care as well. Really worth the sub!

Hannah mags

Who doesn’t love Hannah? Her, her huband Stef, and their son Grayson, have family vlogs each week in addition to Hannah’s occasional tutorials and reviews. The vlogs are like short films, just beautiful to watch. 

Loey Lane

Loey is amazing with her plus sized clothing, try-on hauls, makeup tutorials, body confidence vlogs and more. She is super active on her channels and has something for everyone.  

SWalker Makeup

Sara has just welcomed a baby boy into her life! She is very sporadic with uploads; she will be posting regularly for a while and then disappear for months at a time, but her videos are worth watching. Very informative hair and makeup tutorials.

Life with Miz Lulu

Another amazing blogger here on wordpress. In addition to Ipsy and Lip Monthly bag videos, she also does tutorials and GRWM (get ready with me) type videos. I really love that she uses lots of ELF and other bargain products. If you think you can’t get a nice look with bargain products, you really need this channel!

Simply Maggie

Maggies isn’t her name…but she’s awesome. I have learned to arm knit myself, infinity and regular scarves, by watching her channel. She gives you step by step instructions on arm knitting many items. She also has two beautiful Great Danes that make appearances on her channel.

Tom Bristow

I have to be honest, Tom is random! He uploads Tag videos, advice videos, and random videos discussing different topics. He is very honest and has the cutest crush on Zoella. When you want a break from makeup and other girly things, this is a good channel to watch.
I hope you guys check out these channels and gove them a sub if you like them. What’s your favorite YouTube channel (large or small)? Leave it below so we can all learn from each other!

Stay awesome peeps!


UPDATE: 6/11/2015

I forgot to mention this channel

Vintage or Tacky 

Cora does AMAZING makeup looks that can be really simple and pretty or really bold and colorful. I didn’t include her in my original post because I though she had already passed 1 million subscribers. She is awesome and occassionally does some of her hair dying tutorials (she used to have black, pink and purple and dyed it herself)! 



6 thoughts on “My Favorite “Small” Youtubers

  1. Deffo gonna these out for sure! Lovely post would be fab if you could check out my latest post too xx

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