Last Minute Gifts for Dad (Budget Friendly)

Father’s Day is this weekend and I’m sure there are a few people procrastinating on buying Dad a gift. Maybe you are waiting for payday to roll around? Maybe you have no idea what to get Dad? Maybe you are just a procrastinator by nature? No worries! I have compiled a few items that you can buy at your local store that cost $25 or less (most of them less), and that don’t require last minute shipping. Let’s get started!


I know its such a cliché gift for Dads, but these scents are actually worth buying and your Dad may just want to repurchase them afterwards. The following scents are all different but still have a fresh, masculine quality about them. Nothing too spicy or woodsy that might make them unbearable or too strong.


C.O. Bigelow’s Cologne in Blue Elixir (2.5 oz)

Only $19.50 per full size bottle or buy 2, get 1 free (for your uncle and grandfather?). Available at Bath and Body Works. 

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Ed Hardy’s Skulls & Roses For Him (1 oz)

$22.99 per bottle but currently on sale for $20.69 plus you get a $5 Target gift card with a $20 purchase of personal care items. Pretty obvious…its available at Target.

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Adidas Moves for Him (1oz)

$16.99 per bottle but currently on sale for $15.29. Also available at Target. This one is the sofest scent of the three. Very fresh and clean type of scent. 

My husband has a expansive cologne collection and these just so happen to be my top 3 favorite scents! Which is awesome that they are all around $20. Here is a pic of the bottles for size reference.

Got a Bearded Dad?

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Billy Jealousy’s Beard Envy Kit

I wrote a full review on this kit because my husband LOVES it! You can read more details about it Here

Available at Target for $20 and at Ulta for $25

Outdoorsy Dad?

This is going to seem like a total cop-out but trust me on this. If your Dad likes to hunt, fish, go boating, camping or shooting, he will absolutely love a gift card from Bass Pro Shops. You don’t even need to leave your house for this one, you can send one electronically to his e-mail or send it to yourself and print it out so he can have something tangible to open on Father’s Day. Info Here

Got an “Online Shopper” Dad? also has e-gift cards that you can customize, with a photo of your choosing, or other pre-made designs. Dad can have fun perusing through the site and pick out something he likes thanks to your awesome gift. I mean, really, who wouldn’t like an Amazon gift card? More details Here 

There you have it, my list for last minute, yet budget friendly, Father’s Day gift ideas. No more ties, socks or soap for Dad (I mean, unless he really wants them 😉 )

I realize many of you might not have a “Dad” in your lives. Maybe you were raised by someone else: an uncle, a grandfather, a step-Dad or an adoptive Dad. Either way, if they did a good job raising you, a small gift on Father’s Day is a nice way of saying “I recognize all that you have done for me, thanks for being a male figure I can count on/look up to”, without having to say a word. 

Whatever it is that you do this weekend, be safe and 

Stay Awesome,



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