Product Review: ELF’s Smudge Pot and Brightening Eye Pencil

I have a love/dislike relationship with E.L.F. (Yes, dislike, I don’t think I could ever hate this brand). My history with this brand has a success rate of 50/50. I can hardly ever resist trying different items from them, as this recent example! I found these items in Old Navy, who knew Old Navy carried ELF?? It happened to be on the day that cardholders got 40% off. I was only expecting that discount on Old Navy stuff so I was really surprised when I paid $1.50 for the smudgepot and $0.90 to the Brightening Eye Pencil. Enough yapping, lets get to the review.
Smudgepot in the color Ain’t That Sweet



I Love This Smudgepot!!! I have never tried any of them before but this has been a great introduction. Unlike the Maybelline Color Tattoo, which I love, but it is a bit too solid at first and needs to be warmed up; this smudgepot is super creamy as is. It applies very easily and can be built up to show up more on the lid, or sheered out for a little highlight under the brow. This also makes for an amazing primer on the lids and an inner corner highlight. The  wear is amazing, it does not crease or run and lasts all day. Have been using it almost every day since I bought it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Brightening Eye Pencil in the color Black

   I had a disappointing experience with this pencil in the color Coffee but that did not stop me from trying a different color. This eyeliner glides on really easily, however, it is not very opaque and you may have to go over your line a few times to get it to darken. Not one of the darkest black liners on the market, for sure. I used this line on my upper and lowet lash line. The upper lash line held up “ok”. Nothing great but nothing terrible either. The lower lash line, however, began to run within an hour or two after application. I tried setting it once, with a dark eyeshadow, but it didn’t seem to do much for the staying power (or lack thereof). It did help but not enough to last the whole day.

Here is what both items look like on me:

 Fresh application 

pardon the furry brows

After about 4 hours of wear:

Bottom Lash Line has run everywhere! 


Smudgepot is perfect and upper lash line is holding up pretty well. This was the day I used eyeshadow to set the liner.

Hope you have all had a great weekend. Those of you with awesome Dads, hope you got time to spend together.

Stay awesome peeps,


*Not a sponsored post. All products and opinions are my own*


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      1. You are so kind ! How I wish you could but you might be right about shipping 🙂 Shipping from Dubai costs so much that having any International giveaways is hard..

      2. I hear ya! I want all of my followers to have the opportunity of winning my giveaway that I will post soon and that is why I chose what I chose as a gift. Stay tuned!!!

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