My First Tag & Giveaway!

Happy Hump Day Peeps!

Today’s bonus post is my first ever Tag post! This is the “Must Have Beauty Tools” Tag and I was tagged by  Kayla from [K]ayla’s [B]log . If you have not checked out her page yet, head on over and take a look at her lovely blog!

Here are the rules:

*Tag up to 5 people and let them know you tagged them.

*List what you want, whether you have three things that are unbelievable or twenty.

*No actual make-up, skincare, or haircare products on the list, just the tools/gadgets you use.

Lets get started:

From Left to Right

Conair Urban Reflect Cosmetic Mirror: It isn’t the brightest or fanciest mirror on the market; but I needed something functional and cheap. This mirror offers two sides with enough magnification to see better but not to make you dizzy. I have a small vanity so I just fold it up and put it away when I am done using it.

ELF’s Studio Blush Brush: This brush is so soft and perfect for blending out blush without the need to pick up too much product. The tapered end is perfect for not leaving a block of blush on your face but rather a more natural flush.

REAL TECHNIQUE’S Multitask Brush: I love this brush for powder but, as the name implies, it works great for just about anything. Blends everything beautifully! I use it for my powder foundations.

iTools Skincare Tool: I know this might be gross for some, but if you have pimples, blackheads or whiteheads, YOU NEED THIS TOOL IN YOUR LIFE! This helps to extract those nasty spots more hygenically and with less damage than squeezing your face. It uses less pressure so your face doesn’t bruise and that reduces hyperpigmentation and overall trauma to your skin.

Tarte’s Eyebrow Brush: I got this brush when I purchased Tarte’s emphasEYES brow mouse and I have used it ever since. With the spooly on one side and the bristles on the other, this brush is all I need for filling in my brows.

ELF’S Studio Stipple Brush: This is one of my favorite brushes for cream foundations, CC creams, BB creams etc. It buffs everything so nicely leaving a natural finish. Its not all that dense but I don’t mind that all. If I want more coverage, I just stipple instead of buffing.

  Earth Therapeutic’s Natural Body Brush: This is the perfect brush for dry brushing. I use this brush to dry brush my legs to help promote circulation and help with the appearance of cellulite. My skin always feels tingly after I dry brush and it has helped smooth my skin for sure! 

I am tagging the following bloggers

All Things Lacquer

Ravishing Roses

Curly haired messy mane

Online Beauty Finds

Pinkie Bag

I want to thank Kayla for tagging me as I have always wanted to do a tag but have never been tagged before.



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Stay Awesome Peeps,


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12 thoughts on “My First Tag & Giveaway!

  1. Lmao Jocey, loved your post!!! Totally agree, I actually don’t own the Skincare tool or that amazing body brush ..or that amazing Conair mirror. No really, that mirror looks amazing LOL
    But I’ll look into the Skincare tool because it really is much better to use than messing up our skin (especially face) by harsh squeeze as gross as it sounds.
    😋 Love the post, awesome job! 😄

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post! Made me want to check out and purchase a couple of products! I am new to blogging, and it would mean the world to me if you could check out and follow my blog? my latest post is about M.A.C cosmetics x

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