The First Post Challenge!

I was tagged by Vegan Needs, who has a lovely blog about all things Vegan. If you haven’t done so already, please go check her out. The pictures and GIFs she uses in her blogs are hilarious! 

Ok so, lets get started:

The Rules:

-Link your first post

-Name the type of post

-Explain why this was your first post (reason for writing)

-Nominate Fellow Bloggers to do the challenge.

My first post was:
“Just a Regular Jo-Who I Am in the Beauty World”

You can read it Here

I wrote this post because I wanted to put out a little more information than what is in my “about me” section. I wanted to give an idea as to what kind of posts you could expect on my blog. It seems crazy to think I started blogging almost a year and a half ago. Though most of my post remain true to what I said I would write about, my blog has evolved to include more content and I hope it will continue to do so.

   I don’t have many followers but that was never my intent when I started blogging. I simply wanted a space to share my experiences and opinions and hope that they would help someone as they have helped me. 

I would like to tag the following bloggers:

Polished By Amy
Hello To Gorgeous
Beautify The Beast
Curly Haired Messy Mane
I really would love to see these beautiful ladies’ first posts. I do extend this tag to anyone who wants to do it. Have a great weekend and remember to…

Stay Awesome Peeps,


P.S. Keep an eye out for more product reviews/beauty related posts;I’m thinking I might post again this weekend 😉

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