Hello Beautiful Peeps. I hope you are all doing well. Wanted to get another post up this week besides my Leibster Award. Welcome to my first ever “Outfit of the Day” post! I went out to a nice brunch and wanted to wear something that was cute, casual and comfortable. I kept it really simple so this post does not focus on accessories but rather the outfit itself.


Maxi dress from Target
Nail Polish “Jam N Jelly” from Essie
Custom Necklace from Origami Owl

Sandals from Payless
 That’s pretty much it! I think this look is cute and comfy. I wore my Bandelettes underneath to keep the chub rub away without having to have added heat from compression shorts in 90Β° weather (read more on those Here).

I think a floppy hat would be great with this look if attending an outdoor outing. A nice pair of heels or wedges with some more jewelry could dress up this look too. 

I think a maxi dress with just the right length is something every girl should have. It is even easier than throwing on sweats because it is just one piece…but looks so much more put together. As an added bonus, the added length makes it excellent if you didn’t shave your legs that day!

Hope you guys enjoyed my first Outfit of the Day post!

Stay awesome peeps,


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