Root Pretty Makeup (Booster, Eyebrow Powder & Eyeshadow)

If you have been following my blog for a while you might remember that I posted my first impressions of these products back in July. Now that I have had plenty of time to use these products, I decided I would write a review.

Let’s get started:

Pretty Booster Liquid Minerals

Sample of Lightly Medium
According to their website, this liquid mineral is said to:

  Prime + Moisturize + Color Correct

Our Pretty Booster is packed with natural Anti-Aging ingredients! Your new secret weapon for perfect skin while providing skin correcting coverage. Root Pretty Booster is Vegan & made with Natural & Organic ingredients.

This liquid minerals product comes in 1.1oz for tinted and 1oz for clear, each one is $22. The picture above is there sample size in Lightly Medium which cost $2.

Below are some swatches:

My skin with no product

My skin with the liquid minerals in lightly medium

My bare, blotchy chin

My chin with the liquid minerals
As you can see, this did provide a decent amount of color correction and coverage. I did find that the Pretty Booster lasted all day, it was a perfect base for mineral foundation or powder and it did provide some light moisturization. These liquid minerals do contain natural sun protectants but does not specify a specific sun protection factor. I can imagine that would be difficult to calculate with natural products though. My only complaint is that this product did cling to my dry patches. The sample provided about 7 applications, it comes in 7 colors and clear.

Next product is the Organic Brow Powder

These brow powders come in 5 colors, in 2.5g pots, and cost $14 each. Like most of their products, these are natural, organic, vegan and gluten free. I did find that this formula is a little powdery but blends into my eyebrows pretty well. You only need a little bit at a time so this will last you a looooong time. I bought this organic brow powder in July and have only made a slight dent in the powder, see picture below:

Organic brow powder in Dark Brown

Swatch in the color Dark Brown-might apply better moist if you want to use it as liner or shadow. It works well as a brow powder though.
I will have swatches of the brow powder on my brows below.
This final product was actually sent to me with my order: Peach Pearl Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow is only made of 3 ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide and Iron Dioxides. This is their sample size but the actual product comes in a 0.7oz sifter (which is plenty of product) for $8. I can totally see this being great for highlighting as well. Though this does not show up too much on its own, it does add a little something extra on the lid. This is a loose pigment shadow that is actually peach in color with a beautiful iridescent shimmer to it. I tried to capture it in the pics below but they just don’t do it justice. I found that this looked great patted over ELF’s Smudepot in Ain’t That Sweet. The website suggests using it wet to be more intense.

Here are some swatches of both the Peach Pearl Eyeshadow and the Organic Brow Powder

Indoor lighting

Natural lighting
I’m sorry that these swatches don’t really do these products justice. Though natural products sometimes perform differently than regular products, I am quite impressed with how well these products perform without all those nasty chemicals and toxic ingredients. Root Pretty provides all kinds of makeup products (mascara, concealer, powder foundation, lip products, etc) as well as products for men (Mustache oil, shave cream, etc). I promise I am not sponsored by them, though I would not mind it! I just think that natural and organic makeup is not the easiest or most affordable to find and purchase. These guys are a small company in the USA that I really think are worth checking out and they do ship internationally. Learn more HERE !

I hope my peeps have all had a great weekend. I just opened an Instagram account for this blog! Link is below.

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