Product Review: Maybeline MasterShape/Brow Precise Eyebrow Pencil

Hello my beautiful peeps! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. I know I have been on a brow product binge lately (sorry, not sorry). Its just that brows are the only part of my face that I usually always try to do; even on “no makeup” days.

I was cleaning up around my makeup storage and found this little guy that had apparently fallen behind my storage and I had completely forgotten about him.

I decided to start using it again as I remembered this was one of the first brow products I ever used. Once it needed to be sharpened, I put it away and never saw it again until recently. I’m really glad I started using it again because I was really disappointed in the Maybelline Brow Drama (read more about that Here ) and I have yet to find a tinted brow gel that I am happy with. In my experience, tinted brow gels are better at the “gel” part than at the “tint” part. Thought they do a great job holding my brow hairs in place, I haven’t found a drugstore brand that actually gives my brows a boost. Keep in mind that this review is for the original MasterShape formula which has now been replaced with the “Brow Precise”. You can still find the MasterShape though here and here . That being said, lets get into the review.



As you can see, this product is actually more of a wax than a pencil. It come in a plastic pencil which can be sharpened and has a spooly on the other end. It comes in 4 colors Blonde, Auburn, Soft Brown and Deep Brown.

What I Like:

  • Inexpensive
  • Readily Available (well, now in the new formula)
  • The waxy formula holds your brow hairs without making them stiff or crunchy
  • Gives a natural look to your brows
  • Finer spooly allows for easy styling of finicky hairs
  • The wax base makes it pretty long lasting without smearing/running/fading

What I Don’t Like:

  • Requires sharpening (not automatic)
  • Wastes pretty easily (you can go through this pencil pretty quickly)
  • Does not fill in brows as well as a powder/pencil/mouse, etc.
  • Once the tip wears, it becomes too wide to really define the brows


I like this product for those “no makeup” days where you want your brows to look somewhat done but not harsh or too defined. I never really saw the point in having perfect brows but then absolutely nothing else on the face. I feel that it creates too much contrast and makes me look like I just couldn’t commit to doing the rest of my makeup. Maybe I’m a little crazy, but that’s just the way I feel. This product does what I think tinted brow gels should do, give your brow hairs a little more life and hold them place while not leaving them looking or feeling crunchy. Below are some swatches.


Without Product
With Product

Yes, my eyebrows are totally due for a waxing/plucking/threading/etc. 

 What do you guys think? Have you ever used this product or the new Brow Precise? What’s your favorite drugstore brow product? I have heard that the NYX tinted brow mascara and micro brow pencil are pretty impressive, but they are always sold out at my local Target!

Stay Awesome Peeps,


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