Juice Plus+ Whole Food Based Nutrition 


Juice Plus+ Capsules and Chewables/Gummies
ingredients for the fruit and veggie capsules and chewables/gummies. contain probiotics too!
 Let’s address the obvious, what the heck is Juice Plus+? 

Juice Plus+ is a company that produces Whole Food Based items such as capsules, chewables, protein powder and bars that help you achieve nutrition even when your diet is not that great.

For the purpose of this blog, I’m going to focus on the capsules and chewables because they are what I use, personally, and what I can give the most honest reviews on.

Basically, taking the recommended doses of Juice Plus+ capsules or chewables, supplies your body with a full day’s worth of fruits and vegetables. By doing so, you are receiving all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients your body needs without taking synthetic vitamins produced in a lab. (No neon colored pee!)

The way the company works is by subscribing to a 4 month delivery in which you get all the chewables or capsules (your choice) up front and they divide the payments into 4 withdrawals from your account. As an added bonus, for every adult subscription, you can take part in the Children’s Health Study in which one child from your household can get chewables or capsules (your choice) for free in exchange for filling out a survey on changes you have noticed in your child’s health while taking Juice Plus+.

I happen to really like their chewables/gummies. Because they are made from fruits and veggies, they don’t have that synthetic vitamin-y taste and don’t make me nauseous if I have them on an empty stomach. In addition, because these contain Folate, a daily dose is all the company recommends for pre-natal and pregnancy purposes as well. (You should always check with your physician before determining not to take prenatals).

The 4 month supply of fruit and veggie capsules will run you about $45 (about $47 for the gummies) a month for 4 months. If you take part the Children’s Health Study, that means you both get Juice Plus+, for you and your child, for the same price. 

I have been taking the gummies for about 10-11 months now. I can tell you that I have not suffered any more colds or flus since I started taking them. The worst case was about a month ago when I had sniffles that lasted 4-5 days and a sore throat the first 2-3 days. No fever, no malaise, no time off from work. I did double up the dose during that time and my symptoms were clear by the end of the work week.

I have also noticed healthier head hear and more of it. My skin has also improved :significantly less break outs and a smoother complexion. 

My hubby loves the gummies! So much so that I had to stop him from eating more than the daily dose so we wouldn’t run out before time. He has also noticed a big decrease in the amount of colds as well as in the severity. His nails grow much faster and his mood has improved (less irritable). 

My sister started taking these on a recommendation from a family member who is a Pediatrician. She mentioned she has been taking Juice Plus+ for years and has not had a cold since, despite the number of sick children she sees a day. 

My sister was having colds ever 3 months that would leave behind a dry cough that lingered for an additional month or two. By the time she got over the cough, she would catch another cold and start all over again. Not to mention that she was taking vitamins the whole time. Juice Plus+ was the only supplement that made a difference. She became so impressed with her own improvement that she asked me to try it. After a few months, my mom got on them, so has my hubby and a co-worker. Eventually, my sister became a distributor for the company and I’m doing my sisterly duties of spreading the word. Not just because my sister is distributing but because THIS STUFF WORKS! My mom’s seasonal allergies have pretty much been eliminated. My co-worker’s sluggish bowels have improved, her child’s eczema and itchy skin have resolved…I could go on. People think that supplements and proper nutrition can be expensive but what they don’t realize is that health is not expensive…being sick IS. Think about the hospital bills, doctor’s visits, medications and sick time off work versus $45 a month; less than dinner and drinks for 2 at Outback Steakhouse!  

actual size and samples of the fruit and veggie capsules and gummies

Juice Plus+ also carries an Antioxidant blend made of berries that are extremely beneficial. Their protein shakes are also really good and by that I mean good for you and good tasting! I prefer their French Vanilla but they also have Dutch Chocolate. I was suffering with Gastritis about 8 months ago and keeping anything down was a challenge. This vanilla protein powder was the only thing that settled without any pain or other symptoms. Very easy to digest.


ingredients for the Dutch Chocolate protein powder
ingredients for the French Vanilla protein powder
I could go on and on about the Juice Plus+ products and how much they have helped me and my loved ones. This blog, however, is long enough already. 

I leave it in your hands peeps. Please don’t waste any more money on synthetic vitamins. Do yourselves a favor and at least look into this product. I would really appreciate it if you could do so on my sister’s direct link which you can click on HERE! And consider her as your representative if you decide to order. 
You can also copy and paste this site:


By the way, these are available in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries.

Feel free to ask any questions below or directly through the “contact me” section on the website. 

Have a great and healthy weekend!

Stay awesome Peeps,


*I am not being paid or sponsored for this post. I have purchased all of the featured Juice Plus+ products myself. Does contain an affiliate link to my sister for which I earn nothing and she only benefits from actual sales.*


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