Eye Makeup for Hot & Humid Weather

Hi Peeps!

Just wanted to share with you guys the eye makeup that I used recently. Because it was outdoors and it is still very hot and humid in my neck of the woods, I only used cream and powder eyeshadows and clear mascara. I did not want any running liner or mascara flakes being photographed Lol!

I used the following products:

-ELF Smudgepot in the color Ain’t That Sweet (review Here )

-Maybelline 24 hour Color Tattoo in the color Inked in Pink (review Here )

-ELF Endless Eye Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Bright (older version)

-Sephora Primal Instincts Eyeshadow Palette



I had already filled in my brows with the Root Organic Brow Powder
First, I primed me eyes with the smudgepot covering everything from lid to brow bone. Then, I applied the color tatoo on my lid.

Next, I used the purple color from the Primal Instincts palette in my crease. I then, defined my outer V with the matte dark brown shade. 

I wanted to blend out the purple so it wouldn’t have harsh lines so I used the matte medium brown shade as a transition color. At this point, the pink for the color tattoo was almost no longer visible so I picked up both of these two pink colors from the same palette and packed it on to my lid.

Finally, I added the matte bone shade from the Primal Instincts palette to highlight my brow bone, curled my lashes and added clear mascara.

To set my makeup, I did the old school method and just lightly sprayed my face with hairspray! Trust me, it works!

After hours of being outside in the heat and humidity, this is how my eyeshadow looked at the end of the day (11 1/2 hours later):



I hope you guys liked this look. I was really impressed by how long wearing every thing was. What do you peeps think?

Stay Awesome,


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4 thoughts on “Eye Makeup for Hot & Humid Weather

  1. I love this look! I love how its got a multi tone of color, its so interesting.

    Where do you live that its still so hot and humid in October? 🙂 I’m in the bay area and its getting rather chilli, I’m jealous.

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