Top 5 Household “Beauty” Products I Can’t Live Without 

I hope my awesome peeps had a fantastic Halloween!

Some of you have requested a post with my top 5 or top 10 favorite beauty/makeup products. Truth is, I hardly own any! However, I do love to use natural household items to make my own beauty products. Thus, I bring to you, my top 5 natural household “beauty” items.


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Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

-moiturizer (face/body/hair)

-makeup remover

I know, I know, no surprise here. I love coconut oil. In addition to the above, I also use it to make natural deodorant, body scrubs, lip scrubs and more. I purchase this giant tub at BJs wholesale for $11.99


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Apple Cider Vinegar

-facial toner/astringent 

-fights dandruff

-fights acne

Organic ACV has so many uses. I dilute mine half/half with filtered water to make a toner that I use it on my face to fight acne and on my scalp to fight dandruff. It can also be used to treat nail and skin fungi. I get mine from Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods for less than $5 for 16oz. Walmart carries it also. 


Bottle is tinted yellow but Aloe is actually clear
Aloe Vera Gelly

-moisturizer (face/body) 

-hair gel

Aloe vera is a wonderful skin soother and moisturizer that can be used on all skin types. I use this as the base for my diy facial moisturizer ( read more about that here ) and diy primer. I purchase mine from Vitamin Shoppe for about $10.


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Tea Tree/Melaleuca Oil

-fights acne

-fights dandruff

This is my go-to for acne spot treatments. If I absolutely need to pop a pimple, I apply a drop of this right after and it dries it up within a few hours. If its a cystic type of pimple, I still apply a drop of this to help shrink its size (no popping there). A few drops in your shampoo bottle also help fight acne. doTerra brand essential oils are therapeutic grade and top quality. They must be purchased through a distributor. I purchase mine from an awesome wellness advocate,  her info is available Here 


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Castor Oil (topical)

-promotes hair growth (head, eyebrows & lashes)

-cuticle moisturizer

-relieves menstrual cramps (because you can’t be beautiful when you are making the “hang on, I got a cramp” face)

I have really learned to appreciate this product for its beauty uses and not just its purgative or pain relieving effects. I mostly use it for eyebrow hair growth and menstrual cramp relief but it has great moisturizing properties as well. I get mine at Vitamin Shoppe for $8.

That’s it! Those are my holy grail, top 5 beauty products. Most of these are probably in your cupboards already.  The pics you see here are provided by the websites cited but they are the exact products I use at home. I love how multitasking and relatively inexpensive these items are. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please comment what your favorite natural household beauty product is and what you use it for below; also leave me any requests for future blogs!

Stay Awesome Peeps,


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