First Impressions: Root Makeup (2nd edition)

Welcome back peeps!

Sorry for the late post; its been a busy day.

So I ordered some goodies from  Root, which is an awesome natural, vegan and cruelty free makeup company. If you recall, I had written a past  Blog about my first impressions on some of their other products. Today, I am sharing my recent order so if you are interested in what I purchased, please keep scrolling 🙂

Seeing this package in the mail box makes me sooooo happy!  

Top to bottom, left to right: Organic brow pomade, Pro Flat kabuki brush,  Samples of Pearl powder foundation (2 different shades), Pretty Balm, Bonus sample of Midnight Mocha eyeshadow, Pretty hair day gloss mask (travel size).

Lets take a closer look:


I had previously purchased their brow powder, and I have barely made a dent in it despite having it for months, but I really wanted to try their pomade. This one is full sized in the shade dark brown ($14). Both are packaged just the same with a little pot that closes securely and provide a generous amount of product. That mark you see is from me testing it out and it is super creamy and pigmented. (Stay tuned for that review).

 The PRO Vegan Kabuki Brush ($12) is the brush they suggest for blending and buffing on their Pearl Powder Foundation. It is compact enough to fit anywhere (makeup bags, etc) without being frustratingly small if that makes sense. It feels super soft and dense so this should make for a great application. 

These are sample sizes of their Pearl Powder Foundation ($2 each). On the left is shade 3 (which they describe as light-medium) and the right is Lightly Golden Tan. They come in small secure pots but have no screen so I suggest you tap the tops before you open to make sure the products settles into the bottom and off the lid.

This is a full-sized Pretty Balm in the shade Campbell ($8). They have several different colors of this balm; this one is a few shades darker than my natural lip color with a hint of cranberry. The roll up bullet is similar to regular chapstick/lip balm tubes but this one is slimmer, which I find makes it easier to apply. No funky taste, very moisturizing and nicely tinted.

This is a travel size version of their Pretty Hair Day Glossing Hair Mask ($6). It smells very fresh and citrusy. I’m curious if this 0.25oz container will be enough for my hair but it looks pretty thick so I’m guessing a little might go a long way?!? We’ll see.

This is a bonus sample they sent to me of their Midnight Mocha eyeshadow. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It is a very rich, brown color with a golden shimmer. Super pretty. Check out the swatch below.

  Midnight Mocha eyeshadow on left and Campbell Pretty Balm on right.

Both of them apply really easily and smoothly and look so much better in person. 

None of the items have a strong or distinct smell, except the Pretty Balm that has a slight scent of shea butter and the hair mask which is citrusy. I love that they offer sample sizes of thier foundations so that you can try out the shades before committing to one. They also let you customize your own shade if you  find a blend works best.

I am really loving this company. I love that I can use makeup products that make me look and feel pretty without being full of toxins or harming animals. I have been using these products non stop since I got them so watch out for reviews. 

Actually, which product would you guys like to see a review on first? What is your favorite natural makeup line?

Stay Awesome Peeps,


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4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Root Makeup (2nd edition)

  1. Thanks for sharing & being a Root customers! So glad you’re enjoying them. That mask will definitely give you 2-3 uses. A little goes a LONG way. 😘

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