Makeup Eraser VS Norwex Makeup Removing Cloth (And Reviews)!

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Today I bring you guys reviews and comparisons on these two makeup removing clothes. In case you have never heard of these before, these clothes are marketed to remove all your makeup without the use of soaps or any other steps such as makeup removing oils or wipes. The Makeup Eraser can be purchased online (here) or at Sephora. The Norwex Makeup Removing Clothes can only be purchased through a representative (find yours here) .


Let’s take a look at each cloth individually. Here is The Makeup Eraser:

Here you can see both sides. One side has short fibers and the other has longer fibers. The long fibers are meant to be more exfoliating without being rough on your skin.

The Makeup Eraser comes in different colors. My hubs got me the black one, which is nice because you don’t see the makeup stains that can happen with mascara and eyeliner removal even with washing and laundering. On the down side, it is not as satisfying when you can’t see all the makeup that has come off.


Gentle on the face

Does not drag or pull

Larger size


No tag or loop that can be used to hang the cloth to dry so it must be draped over something.

The Normex Makeup Removing Cloths

 These are smaller but come in a set of 3 for the price of one Makeup Eraser.


Gentle on the face

Contains BacLock technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria on the cloth

Tag acts as a loop that can be used for hanging to dry


Can pull or drag on the face if it is not wet enough

Takes a little more effort to remove all makeup

Same texture on both sides

The Test

I decided to try these two cloths, one on each side of my face, as I removed my holiday makeup. I had used Maybelline 24 color tattoo on my lids along with L’Oreal Colorstay Eyeliner and Physician’s Formula Mascara. I also had the Jordana Concealer on my under eye area and over my hyper pigmentation. On my eyebrows I had on Root’s Brow Pomade and their Pearl Powder Foundation on my face.

After using the makeup removing clothes, I then used a makeup wipe to see what residual makeup, if any, I had on my face.

My Holiday Makeup


The left side of my face, I used the Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth:
  Below is what my makeup wipe picked up:

On the right side of my face, I used the Makeup Eraser. You can’t really see any of the makeup coming off on the cloth due to its black color but, trust me, its all there. 

 This is what the makeup wipe picked up afterwards:


***For the sake of transparency, I had only used each makeup removing cloth to remove makeup up until I reached my jaw line. When I grabbed the makeup removing wipes, I accidentally took it past my jaw line and ended up removing makeup that I hadn’t even touched with the cloths (under my jaw and neck). So, in all actuality, these cloths performed better than what they seem***

I want to state that I did take time to wipe the makeup off my face with each cloth, focussing on the eyes which had the most stubborn makeup. I didn’t use a lot of pressure or have to really irritate my eyes to get the makeup off with either cloth but it was harder with the Norwex cloth. I used no cleansers or anything else to remove the makeup besides warm water and these cloths and I also did not rinse my face afterwards.


I think it is pretty clear by the pictures of the makeup wipes that the  Makeup Eraser did a better job of removing the makeup. I think that the two sides with different textures makes the difference here. The fact that it is slightly larger I think also helps because you have more clean surface area to use.

I alternate between these two cloths but will usually rinse my face with plain water afterwards. I don’t usually wear this much makeup either so that makes things much quicker and easier. I like that I don’t need to use any soaps or makeup removers (less chemicals and stripping of my skin’s own natural oils, etc) but I do end up using soaps every day to hand wash the cloth and leave it prepped for the next day.

What do my peeps think? Have you tried any of these? Which is your favorite?

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. Can’t wait to read all the “What I got for Christmas” posts!

Stay Awesome Peeps,


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