Product Review: Root Pearl Powder Foundation

Happy Sunday and welcome back peeps!

It’s no surprise that I am a huge fan of Root’s makeup. Its natural, vegan, occasionally organic and always cruelty-free. I have several reviews on some of their products on my blog and if you’d like to see what I think of their Powder Foundation, just keep scrolling 🙂

Root offers at least 16 shades of the Pearl Powder Foundation, all of which come in sample sizes so that you can get the best match. Even if you can’t find the best match, they also offer custom mixes of up to 3 different shades and some already made popular combos! They only have 4 ingredients making them pure pigment; which means excellent coverage.

I ordered sample sizes of their shade #3 and Lightly Golden Tan (LGT) 

(Left: Shade #3, Right: Shade Lightly Golden Tan)

I used the following set up to make my own blend:

I used a lid from an existing empty powder foundation container. Pictured here is also Root’s Vegan Flat Kabuki Brush.

These samples have no screen so I suggest tapping on the lid before opening. 

I used a clean popsicle stick to transfer a little of each foundation to the empty container.


You can see each individual shade before mixing.

Now lets take a look at the coverage. Here is my face before applying the foundation:

You can see redness and uneven skin tone
  Here is my skin with the Pearl Powder Foundation:

Much more even and redness is much less noticeable

  Lets suppose you are unfortunately suffering from a face demon and need extra coverage. You can use this Pearl Powder Foundation wet as a concealer.

I added a drop of water to my finger and swirled it in a little bit of the foundation

Here is my face demon

Here is how it looks when you just dab on the wet powder foundation before blending

After blending…sorry for the blurriness 
 As you guys can see, this Pearl Powder Foundation provides excellent coverage. The actual combination of the shades 3+LGT can be purchased already mixed but I am enjoying mixing it myself as my skin is not exactly that same shade so I can add a little of the lighter or darker shade as I see fit.
You can check out more of this awesomeness plus all of Root’s products Here

I blog a lot about this brand because I absolutely love what they stand for and I love how affordable they are. Why spent more money for products full of toxic chemicals?!

What’s your favorite natural brand? Leave me a comment!

Stay Awesome Peeps,


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*Not a Sponsored post. All products and opinions are my own*


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