Product Review: ELF’s Ex-tra Lipgloss

Welcome back to my little corner on the internet! I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

This product review began back on Boxing Day when I was in line to pay at Old Navy and they totally got me with ELF items staring back at me as I waited. I caved in and bought this lipgloss for about $3.

sorry for the background

The color is nice and it applies really well. It is glossy but slightly sticky. Unfortunately, as it wears, it starts to kind of clump/ball up on the lips; especially on the dry areas. It also does not wear out evenly. Re-applying the lipgloss only makes it worse. Below is a pic of how it wears. 

Using lip balm under the lip gloss doesn’t really seem to help and it won’t apply as evenly. ELF products tend to be hit or miss. I really love their smudepots but this lipgloss was just a miss for me. 

Have you tried the Ex-tra Lipgloss from ELF? What do you think? Maybe I just got a bad color?! Leave me a comment! 

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4 thoughts on “Product Review: ELF’s Ex-tra Lipgloss

  1. I actually wrote about a few glosses in my post today but none of them were ELF brand:

    Honestly, ELF has some great stuff. I LOVE the ELF Flawless Finish Foundation for every day–at six bucks it is a steal and I am incredibly fond of the all over color stick. I also like their make up brushes. The ELF false eyelashes are a fail for me though. Not good. Thanks for the review of the lipgloss!

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