Food Blog: Overnight (Slow Cooker) Oats! 

Happy Easter/Happy Sunday beautiful peeps! Thanks for joining me today.

I don’t know about you, but breakfast during the work week gets a little challenging. I want to eat something hearty and nutritious but don’t always have time to prepare the most appropriate meal. I started seeing posts online about oatmeal that basically prepares itself overnight. Some versions involve eating it cold out of the fridge or microwaving it when you are ready to eat. I thought it would be awesome if there was a method in which the oatmeal was ready for eating without being cold and it occurred to me to search for slow cooker preparations. After reading a few different recipes, I decided to try making my own. If you are interested in how that turned out…please keep scrolling 🙂



1/4 cup of oats-I prefer traditional, steel cut oats. I don’t recommend quick oats as this will be cooking overnight and they will turn to mush. Those are words of experience peeps. Trust me and use traditional oats. I get my from the bulk bins at Whole Foods or use McCann’s Irish Oats.

1 cup of milk-I like this Almond/Coconut milk blend but you can use any milk you prefer.

The rest of the ingredients are optional.

You will also need tall glass jars with lids, and a slow cooker (obvi, LOL)

For sweetness and added taste, I like to add about a Tablespoon of Agave or Honey and some Ground Cinnamon. I also like to mash a banana and mix that into the oat and milk mixture to get a serving of fruit. Of course you can add any fruit you’d like. Berries work well in this recipe. Usually I won’t add any additional sweetener if I add ripe fruit.


1-Mix all of your ingredients and place them into tall glass/Mason jars and seal with lids. Make sure your jar is tall enough to allow for the oatmeal to expand.

2-Place jars in slow cooker and fill with enough water to cover the jars about half way up.

3-Place lid on the slow cooker, set it to Low and leave overnight.


4-Use oven mitts or tongs to carefully remove your jars from the slow cooker. (I did notice that my lids had oxidized in this process which kind of confused me as traditional canning techniques involve a similar method of cooking. I assume it is because of the trapped humidity in the slow cooker versus just boiling the jars in a pot without a lid)

5-Allow to cool for a few minutes and carefully remove the lid. Give your oatmeal a quick stir and enjoy!  

A nice hot breakfast that is already ready for me; especially nice for the chilly mornings! This will be very hot so I suggest taking this out as soon as you get out of bed and letting it cool while you brush your teeth, get dressed, or whatever it is you do in the mornings.

One could argue that it is just as easy to microwave your oatmeal in the same time in the morning but I cannot walk away from my microwave as my oats tend to overflow. Also, what if you need to prepare oatmeal for your family? Do all of your bowls fit a one time in your microwave? Do you have a bowl large enough to fit all the servings you need without overflowing in the microwave? You can easily put 4 jars at once in the slow cooker, maybe more, depending on the size.

That’s it peeps!

Have you ever tried making slow cooker oats? What is your favorite breakfast slow cooker recipe? I’d love to read your recommendations, and as alway,

Stay Awesome Peeps,


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