Product Review: Eden’s Garden Thera Lux Nebulizer Diffuser

Hi Peeps! Hope everyone is doing well. Monday is not a usual posting day for me but I wanted to take my time writing this post and this weekend was just too busy. If you want to skip straight to actual review, scroll until you see the pic of the diffuser 🙂

Let’s get started. I LOVE essential oils. I have found them really useful in my skin care and also for health benefits. I had a hard time finding a way to infuse the air in my home with essential oils though. Spraying them around the house was an option but then the scent doesn’t last long. I learned that I could diffuse them but that, in itself, was a learning curve. 

   In general, I found three ways to diffuse oils:

– Using an oil burner

-Humidifying diffuser

-Nebulizing diffuser

Using the oil burner, which I was all about in high school, where you place the oils in a warmer and light a tea candle underneath, turns out to be horrible. Heating essential oils actually breaks down their composition and eliminates any benefit. I was pretty much just inhaling crap when I used those. 

Humidifying diffusers get more pricey but involve adding some drops of essential oil into a water reservoir and the diffuser would then mist the mixture into the air. Though this is way better than an oil burner, I live in high humidity as it is. I don’t want to be adding any more to the air. I also don’t want to worry about the area surrounding the diffuser getting wet. So that option wasn’t for me. If you suffer from nasal/bronchial problems due to dryness or live in a dry area, this would be good though. There is no break down of the oils because they are not being heated. You get to enjoy the fragrance and benefits better and for a longer period of time as they can run for hours.

That left me with the option of nebulizing diffusers. These bad boys use nothing else but the essential oils so you are getting a very concentrated mist. Perfect for saturating their air with natural fragrance and inhaling all the benefits. The downside? Expensive and unreliable. Just about every review I read for different diffusers mentioned they would work great for 2-3 months and then stop working. Finding authentic reviews was challenging in itself as most people where sponsored in some way (free product or compensation in exchange for a review). Paying over $100 for something to last 3 months was just not an option.

  My hubby ended up doing his own research and surprising me with the Therlux Nebulizer Diffuser from Eden’s Garden, this past Valentine’s Day. I have really enjoyed it and wanted to clear the 3 month mark before writing a review. Now that it’s been 6 months, let me tell you all about it.

cute and compact
Apple remote for size reference
Options for how long the machine is on, how long the mist is spraying and how long it rests in between mists

   This cute little diffuser comes very well packed in a nice box that comes with a booklet on different essential oils and how to use them. It also came with a free “Fighting Five” Oil( at the time it was purchased) that used to be known as “Thieves”. I was very happy about that as it is a blend that contains several disinfecting type oils, making it great to diffuse when someone is sick. 

   You simply take your oil or blend of choice, screw the nozzle onto the bottle, pop it into the machine and turn it on. You can choose if you want the mist to spray for 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds, how long you want it to run (continuously, 30minutes, 60 minutes or 120 minutes), and how long you want it to pause in between mists (5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds). To save on oil consumption, I run it at a 5 second mist, with 60 second intervals for 30minutes. This means it will spray for 5 seconds every minute and shut off after 30 minutes.

   This setting is perfect for winding down at night. If either my hubby or I get sick, I will run it continuously throughout the day to saturate the air with purifying essential oils instead of germs😷

How about noise? This is a short clip of how it sounds

It can run in the background of every day noises like watching tv, preparing dinner, etc without being annoying. However, in the quiet of the night, this might be bothersome for some people. It’s cute little blue lights add a nice touch and make it easy to adjust settings in a dimly lit room but may be annoying when it is time to sleep. 

   Overall, I love this diffuser. It is very efficient too. I have yet to finish a single bottle of oil but I have alternated between the Fighting Five and the Breathe Easy blend. If used everyday for 30 minutes, on the most efficient setting, a 10 ml bottle should last about 3-4 weeks. You can purchase your own or get more info by clicking Here. Cost is $79.95 and I believe it ships for free.

   It makes a wonderful gift and Eden’s Garden has the best, most affordable essential oils I have found. I do love my DoTerra but these are easier to order and cheaper. They also let you bundle oils and that saves you some money. 

   What’s your favorite essential oil?

Stay Awesome Peeps,


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7 thoughts on “Product Review: Eden’s Garden Thera Lux Nebulizer Diffuser

  1. I had this nebulizer for about a month and all the sudden it was like the electronics in it slowly went out. It first started with the time interval button started malfunctioning and then the machine itself kept shutting off and would not stay on for over a minute or so. Then when I would push the on button it would turn back off immediately. I contacted the company and they were great at customer service and refunded my money. I love Edens garden oils, but I don’t think this diffuser is very good quality unfortunately, because I really wanted to use it !

    1. I’m sorry that was your experience. I’m glad they offered you good service though. I’m coming on to my first year anniversary with my diffuser and have had no issues.
      Have you found a diffuser you like?

  2. Does anyone have any ideas on how to clean it? The directions on Eden’s garden suggest taking apart the unit and soaking it in vinegar and baking soda. I did that and it is a very tedious process that I don’t think I’ll do often plus I am worried that when I reassembled it I did it wrong–it doesn’t seem to work like it used to.

    1. I just remove the plastic tube, run warm water through it and then pour a little alcohol through it and let it dry. It’s not what they suggest but it’s what I do and it seems to work just fine.

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