Monthly Round Up (August)

Happy Labor Day Peeps!

I hope you have all had a great long weekend. Special shout out to those of you who had to work today but are getting that holiday pay! Get your paper booboo 🙂

Here is what you missed last month (the posts are linked to the pictures ):

For those of you desperately clinging on to summer, make sure you get the right sun protection. Even when the seasons change, UV is still hitting you so make sure you protect your skin, with the good stuff, all year round.

If you have contemplated an aromatherapy diffuser but aren’t sure which to buy, this post can help guide you.

Fall is just around the corner and stone fruits are coming into season. If you have a hard time finding healthy desserts with these delicious fruits, check this post out.

Stop spending money on products that are loaded with toxic ingredients and don’t work. Learn to make this serum on your own and safe yourself some $$$

  I hope you peeps have enjoyed these posts. It has become challenging for me to continue with weekly Sunday posts so I am no longer going to commit to a posting schedule. 

I want to write awesome blogs that come from real inspiration and not just content that I have to provide because of a schedule. Do feel free to check out my social media accounts, or sign up for email updates, if you’d like to know when I post. 

I also plan to do more lifestyle or advice type blogs over on Jocey’s POV which I have neglected for months. I feel like I have deeper topics I’d like to write about that would be better suited for that page.

Feel free to leave me an comments or suggestions below.

Stay Awesome Peeps,


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4 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up (August)

    1. Hi! Thanks for checking up on me. Everything is fine. Having a lot of responsibilities added with work (which I am very happy about) and I started to feel pressure to write blogs on a “deadline” instead of posting weekly about things I enjoy. I decided to remove the weekly blogging obligation I had created for myself and just post when I was inspired to. You’ll still see my posts, possibly on a biweekly or monthly basis.
      I still look forward to reading your posts and those of the sites I follow. Just trying not to cause undue stress on myself.

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