Current Favorites (Autumn)

Hi Peeps!

I know it has been a while since my last post. If you recall, I mentioned that life had pretty much interfered with my weekly blogging schedule so I am just putting up posts when I can.

So today I want to share some of my current favorites. Nothing much has changed with my beauty products so not many faves there; although I did order some goodies from Root that I can’t wait to try and tell you guys about. On to the favorites…

Food Faves

So Delicious Coconut Milk Holiday Nog

Tastes just like the real thing…actually better, but it’s completely vegan…Yay!

So Delicious CocoWhip

Oh My Goodness peeps, if you like Cool Whip but are avoiding dairy or follow a vegan diet, you need to try this! I can eat it just out of the tub; it is so creamy and delicious. I enjoy this even more than Cool Whip. I use it to top my desserts, my lattes or even just my English Breakfast tea…sooo good!

Fashion Faves

A good pair of comfortable boots. Some of you may have seen these on my Instagram page but I love these! Truth be told, I did add some insoles as these are pretty flat on the inside and don’t provide much support on their own. With the insoles I have been able to walk a ton on these without discomfort. Also, I don’t normally wear these kinds of boots, they were a gift and I am so happy I got them, otherwise I wouldn’t have picked them out for myself. I’m not promoting this brand due to their lack of comfort from the manufacturer but these boots still deserve a mention.

TV Faves

Photo credit:,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg

Peaky Blinders

I’ll admit I had to watch the first 2 episodes to be totally sold, but now, I am so hooked. Luckily Netflix has all 3 seasons up so I can binge watch. I’m currently on Season 2…ish is about to go down! Picture old school London gangs. Give it a watch if you want to know what I am talking about.


Beauty Faves

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

I don’t use this as a hair mask in the shower, I use this as a leave-in/styling creme. I LOVE IT! It holds my curls without weighing down my hair and actually controls my frizz. I have noticed that my hair will feel super greasy the next day if I use too much though. It gets a little challenging trying to get the right amount of product to control frizz and not make my hair greasy. I have noticed, though, that my hair is growing crazy fast and that I am having some new growth on the top of my head! Can’t complain about that.

Root Pearl Powder Foundation

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I love Root products. They are a natural, organic, cruelty free makeup and skin care line that actually works. Using their powder foundation as a liquid has been my lifesaver this season when I am trying to get out of the house quickly but still need to even out my skin tone. Especially since my skin is a bit dryer, due to the change of seasons, and I don’t want powder clinging to my dry patches. This particular pot of foundation is from before they upgraded their shade range. I just ordered the W4 shade which should be comparable. If you would like to know more about this product or how to use it wet, you can check out my previous posts on that HERE which will also have a link to their site.

That is all for now! I hope everyone has had an excellent season so far. I have really missed blogging and hope to be able to put up posts more regularly.

What are your Fall-Autumn Favorites?

Stay Awesome Peeps,


P.S. Have a happy and safe Halloween šŸ‘» šŸŽƒ 

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